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Debt collectors are individuals or agencies responsible for collecting outstanding debts on behalf of creditors.

One thing to note is that many individuals face financial difficulties, causing them to delay in repaying their debts while others default totally. During such cases, the lenders involve debt collectors to help them recover these debts.

However, the part of debt collectors is often accompanied by negative perceptions and questions about their methods and ethics. The constant calls from different numbers, including 01903919812, are annoying and frustrating to many people.

We can provide some information if you received a missed call from 01903919812 and are curious about the caller’s identity.

Our records indicate that this number belongs to Cabot Financial Debt Collection, which collects unsecured debts.

It is essential to exercise caution when dealing with missed calls from 01903919812. We recommend speaking with a debt advisor specialising in these matters before answering calls from this number.

Using our reverse phone number lookup tool, we have confirmed that +441903919812 is the telephone number for Cabot Financial Debt Collection agency.

Before returning any calls to 01903919812, you must educate yourself on the various debt solutions available.

Many debt recovery companies, including Cabot Credit Management Group, have purchased your debt, and you may be eligible to legally write off a significant portion of your outstanding obligations, possibly up to 80%.

Information about 01903919812

Complaints have been received regarding calls from 01903919812 by Cabot Financial Debt Collection. These complaints include allegations of harassment, text message spam, and receiving fraudulent court letters.

Please be aware that this number may contact you in an attempt to collect outstanding debts related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debt.

Worried about calls from 01903919812

Many users have raised concerns about the phone number 01903919812, as others have reported it. Understanding your options before engaging with any bailiffs or debt recovery agents is crucial.

Also, ensure you are familiar with your rights as a consumer if you find yourself being pursued by this number +441903919812 in the U.K.

Prioritise speaking with a debt advisor before engaging with debt collectors, as they can help ensure that you fully understand and exercise your rights in this situation.

What happens if you ignore 01903919812?

Regardless of the situation, it is highly recommended not to disregard calls from 01903919812, Cabot Debt Collectors.

Refusing to acknowledge these calls will not prevent them from attempting to reach you, even if you believe that the debt is not your responsibility.

It is better to receive the call, communicate with them, and clear any misunderstandings to avoid those numerous calls. Additionally, the constant reminders of outstanding debts can lead to shame, guilt, and depression.

If the debt does belong to you, ignoring the debt collectors can cause the issue to escalate and potentially lead to more severe consequences. That includes court charges and asset recovery.

It may give them grounds for taking more vital legal actions against you.

Furthermore, it can result in an escalation of the debt by accruing interest and additional fees.

To effectively manage this situation, taking charge and seeking assistance from a knowledgeable debt expert is advisable.

They will help guide you through addressing this matter promptly.

Feedback on phone calls

Here is some feedback from individuals in the U.K. who have received phone calls from 01903919812 a debt collection company.

“Cabot debt collection companies contacted me and requested payment for debt recovery and to ensure that I contact Cabot Financial immediately; however, I have no outstanding debt.”

“I have been receiving calls from Cabot Financial debt collectors for several months now, constantly bothering me at any time of the day, I think the credit services association should look into this company.”

“Cabot is an extremely harassing company! They keep calling and saying I need to pay Cabot Financial debt collectors or they would forward the matter to the county court judgement.”

“I keep getting consistent calls throughout the day, nothing short of harassment from the Cabot Financial Collect team. I need to in]vestigate and find out if it is a debt collection agency registered with the authorities, as they don’t carry out businesses in the right manner even if it is to collect defaulted accounts.”

“I received a scam phone call from Cabot Debt Collection demanding payment for unsecured debts. The financial ombudsman service needs to investigate these debt purchase company as they are not legit.”

“They have been calling all week, and it is tiresome! Now they are stating the next step is Cabot Financial send Bailiffs to my office; these debt collection agencies are truly out of hand. The debt collection industry needs to be regulated.”

“Cabot’s staff are rude when they make their calls with no debt letter just threats to my credit file.”

Phone number 01903919812 has a negative rating.

This phone number is widely regarded as belonging to a debt collector, providing financial services, and making nuisance calls.

List of Debt collectors’ and bailiffs’ phone numbers

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Why is 01903919812 calling

Cabot Financial Debt Collection is contacting you from the phone number +441903919812 regarding outstanding debts that may be owed.

These debts can encompass various types, such as:

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