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Constant calls from debt collectors can be overwhelming and stressful. It can feel like there is no escape from the constant reminder of unpaid debts from a debt collection agency.

The continuous ringing of the phone can disrupt daily life and cause anxiety.

Moreover, some debt collectors often aggressively pressure individuals into making immediate payments.

This constant harassment can affect one’s mental health and ability to focus on other essential things in their lives.

Finding a solution to this constant bombardment is crucial for maintaining peace of mind and moving toward financial stability.

If you have received a missed call from 01789405065 and are curious to know who it belongs to, our records indicate it is associated with the Zinc Debt Collection company.

This company specialises in the collection of unsecured debts. When receiving missed calls from this number, it is advisable to exercise caution.

We recommend consulting with a specialist debt advisor before answering calls from 01789405065.

Using our reverse phone number lookout tool, the telephone number +441789405065 has been identified as belonging to Zinc Debt Collection.

Before returning a call to 01789405065, you must understand the various debt solutions available.

It is worth noting that many debt recovery companies have acquired your debt, and as a result, you may be eligible for legally writing off up to 80% of your debts.

Information about 01789405065

The individuals contacting you from 01789405065 belong to the Zinc Debt Collection, and complaints have been registered regarding their conduct.

Some reported issues include harassment, unsolicited text messages, and fraudulent court letters.

Please be aware that calls from this number are typically related to debt recovery for various financial obligations such as credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debt.

Worried about calls from 01789405065

Numerous individuals have submitted complaints regarding the phone number 01789405065, causing great concern.

However, it is crucial to understand your options before engaging with any bailiffs or debt recovery agents.

If you are being pursued by +441789405065 in the United Kingdom, you must be aware of all your rights.

We recommend seeking guidance from a free debt advisor before engaging in discussions with debt collectors.

Qualified debt advisors can assist you in legally eliminating up to 85% of your debts, depending on your eligibility.

What happens if you ignore 01789405065?

When dealing with communication from a specific number like 01789405065, addressing it promptly and responsibly, regardless of the issue’s circumstances, is crucial.

Contrary to what some might think, ignoring debt collectors can worsen matters and potentially lead to even more severe consequences.

Neglecting communication or disregarding the debt could make resolving the situation more challenging.

One of the most significant effects of ignoring debt collectors is the increasing additional charges and interest on the existing debt.

Therefore, it is essential to approach this situation with proactive measures in mind.

To effectively handle such matters, seeking assistance from a knowledgeable debt expert is highly advisable.

These professionals have the experience and expertise to navigate the complex world of debt collection, ensuring that your rights are protected and that the situation is resolved in the best possible way.

Debt experts can negotiate with debt collectors, reduce the amount owed, and establish manageable repayment plans.

Feedback on phone calls

We have received feedback from individuals in the U.K. regarding phone calls they have received from 01789405065 to recover debt.

“I have been contacted numerous times in the past few days by Zinc Debt Collection and at the moment I dont owe money. But it seems Zinc group ltd doesn’t want to update there records”

“They ring me every day; it feels like harassment with no debt solution, I and seeking help from my local debt charity to find a handle on these debt collection agencies.”

“I believe Zinc Debt Collection is a scam, the don’t even have a complete credit consultancy address for you to follow up on. I have blocked and reported them to the credit services association.”

“I have been bombarded with calls from Zinc Debt Collection.”

“I regularly receive calls from 01789405065 claiming to be Zinc credit consultancy. They are scammers, so avoid them.”

“Zinc Debt Collection has called me multiple times and left many voicemails but they are not offering aproper debt management plan to me.”

“These spammers keep calling me even at odd hours, and I don’t trust them.”

“I am constantly bothered by calls from Zinc.”

“I am plagued with calls from this number, so try to avoid it.”

Based on user feedback, phone number 01789405065 has a negative rating. It is primarily categorised as a debt collector, financial services provider, and nuisance caller.

List of Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

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Why is 01789405065 Calling?

Zinc Debt Collection is contacting you using +441789405065 regarding outstanding debts that may be owed.

That includes a range of debts such as credit card debts, overdrafts, council tax debt, utility bills, and parking fines. Please respond promptly when addressing these matters.

U.K. Debt Solutions

It is recommended to thoroughly analyse your credit report and current debtors to understand the available debt solutions fully.

Depending on your location in the UK here are all the debt solutions that you can consider.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

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