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Many individuals have expressed outrage at the intimidation and harassment that debt collectors usually expose people to.

Such concerns can force an individual to avoid receiving calls from new numbers thinking they might be debt collectors. One of the most common numbers used in the United Kingdom by debt collectors is 01614020152.

If you received a missed call from 01614020152 and you probably have no clue who they are, they are a company that collects unsecured debts.

It is important to approach missed calls from 01614020152 with caution.

We recommend consulting with a specialist debt advisor before responding to calls from this number. Before returning their calls, they can guide you on the best solutions for managing your debts.

To further assist you, the reverse phone number lookup tool confirms that +441614020152 is associated with Ingenious Legal.

Familiarising yourself with the various debt solutions available before returning calls to 01614020152 is crucial.

Additionally, many debt recovery companies have purchased your debt, and you might be eligible to legally alleviate up to 80% of your outstanding debts through appropriate channels.

Information about 01614020152

If you have received a call from 01614020152, they are representatives of Ingenious Legal. There are several complaints filed against this number, including

01614020152 calls concerning credit card debts, utility bills, or even parking fines or council tax debt.  You must answer their calls and engage them calmly and composedly for better service.

Worried About Calls From 01614020152

Many individuals have raised concerns about the telephone number 01614020152, causing worry among many others.  However, being well-informed about the available solutions is crucial before engaging with any bailiff or debt recovery agent.

It is essential for individuals in the UK who are being pursued by +441614020152 to be knowledgeable about their rights.  It will help them communicate with any debt collector smoothly and efficiently hence avoiding unnecessary drama and harassment from their end.

We recommend seeking assistance from a debt advisor who can provide free guidance on the available options.  In certain cases, these advisors may even help legally eliminate up to 85% of your debts, provided you meet the qualifying criteria.

What happens if you ignore 01614020152?

I strongly advise against disregarding calls from 01614020152 under any circumstances.

Neglecting these attempts to reach you will not prevent further contact, even if you are convinced that the debt is not your responsibility.  Debt collectors may intensify their efforts to contact you if they believe you deliberately avoid them.

Answering their calls, clarifying your circumstances, and resolving any miscommunication is advisable.

Suppose the debt is valid, and you are responsible. In that case, the creditor or debt collector may escalate the matter, resulting in more serious outcomes such as legal action to collect the debt.

Furthermore, interest and extra charges may be imposed on your current debt.

Take control of the situation and seek guidance from a professional who can offer an impartial viewpoint and unique perspectives you may not have previously considered.

It will help you get a better solution to your debt issues while bringing a better outcome.

Feedback on Phone Calls

Here is some feedback from individuals in the UK who have received phone calls from 01614020152.

“I received numerous calls from Ingenious Legal site, even after reporting them, I don’t understand how they have my data and why they demand me to pay and yet I don’t owe money.”

“I’m being constantly called by Ingenious Legal about my debts, causing great stress, I don’t think this level of harassement is allowed by law.”

“Ingenious Legal keeps calling me from different numbers, including this one.”

“I had to block their number.  They were constantly ringing me and bothering me.”

“I keep receiving regular calls from 01614020152 claiming to be Ingenious Legal.  They’re scammers, so I suggest avoiding them.”

“They called me regularly for months, then stopped briefly before starting to call again.”

“When I called Ingenious Legal back, they refused to disclose their identity or purpose.”

“I’m constantly being bothered throughout the day by calls from Ingenious Legal.”

“Ingenious Legal won’t leave me alone with their constant calling!”

Phone number 01614020152 has received negative reviews.

This phone number is primarily associated with debt collection, financial services, and nuisance calls.

Why Is 01614020152 Calling?

Ingenious Legal is contacting you using their phone number, +441614020152, regarding potential outstanding debts.  We can assist with various types of debt, including.

UK Debt Solutions

When evaluating your credit report and current debtors, you should comprehensively understand the various solutions available.

Understanding these options can provide valuable insight into the potential paths you can take to manage and alleviate your debt burden.

Below are the debt solutions that are applicable based on your location within the UK.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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