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Frequent calls from unknown numbers can be incredibly bothersome and even cause anxiety for many individuals. It’s common to feel apprehensive about answering such calls, especially when dealing with potential debt-related matters with no debt management plan.

If you’ve received a missed call from 01312023126, it’s essential to know its association with My Jar Debt Collectors, a specialised debt collection agency that collects unsecured debts.

When dealing with debt collectors, it’s necessary to approach the situation with caution and knowledge of your rights as a debtor.

Debt collection agencies must follow specific guidelines and regulations when recovering debts.

Unfortunately, some agencies may resort to aggressive tactics or even engage in illegal behaviour while pursuing payment. This is why seeking advice from a specialist debt advisor is strongly recommended before engaging with such calls.

By consulting a debt advisor, you can gain valuable insights into your rights as a debtor, understand your available debt management options, and the debt solution in place, and receive guidance on effectively handling communication with debt collectors.

They can help you navigate the situation, negotiate with the agency if necessary, and ensure your best interests are protected throughout the process.

Remember, staying informed and seeking professional advice can provide the tools to handle these situations confidently, minimise stress, offer the best debt solution, and find the best approach to responsibly managing your debts.

Numerous debt recovery companies may have purchased your debt, and you could have the legal right to write off up to 80% of your debts.

Details about 01312023126:

The callers associated with this number are My Jar Debt Collectors, and there have been complaints regarding the following:

Calls from 01312023126 attempting to recover debt related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debt.

Are you concerned about calls from 01312023126?

Many users have reported this phone number, and it has caused worry for numerous others as well. Before engaging with any bailiff or debt recovery agent, it’s crucial to understand the options available to you.

If you are being pursued by +441312023126 in the UK, you must be fully aware of all your rights. Before engaging with debt collectors, we highly recommend that you consult a debt advisor who can provide free assistance and advice on your available solutions.

Certain debt advisors may even help you qualify for legally writing off up to 85% of your debts if you meet the criteria.

Should I ignore the calls?

Ignoring calls from 01312023126 is not advisable under any circumstances. Refrain from their attempts to contact you won’t prevent further contact, even if you believe the debt is not your responsibility.

If the debt is yours, ignoring the debt collectors can exacerbate the issue and lead to further complications. It’s essential to address the matter proactively and consider seeking guidance from a debt advisor.

Neglecting the situation can give debt collectors grounds to escalate their actions against you, potentially leading to more severe consequences.

Furthermore, it may accumulate additional interest and charges, increasing the debt burden.

To effectively manage the situation, taking control and seeking assistance from a debt expert is advisable. By addressing the matter promptly and proactively, you can work towards resolving debt-related issues in a more manageable manner.

Feedback from the number

People in the UK who have received phone calls from 01312023126 have provided the following feedback:

“My Jar Debt Collectors rang multiple times daily, even after I reported it., I don’t understand how the get mu bank account details; the financial ombudsman should investigate the company.”

“Total scam, I don’t have any debts, and My Jar Debt Collectors rang me chasing for payments.”

“Scam. Blocked and reported to the joint administrators act independently as I don’t like such treatment.”

“Bombarded with calls from My Jar Debt Collectors about my financial situation, threatening I should make monthly payment or the matter will be forwarded to the courts.”

“Regular calls from 01312023126 claiming to be My Jar Debt Collectors and need we finalise on a payment arrangement. Scammer they have no payment plan in place, avoid.”

“My Jar rang multiple times and left loads of voicemails, I had to let the qualified insolvency practitioners handle the matter on my behalf as I have no outstanding loans.”

“Didn’t answer; my phone said ‘potential fraud. I just contacted the local debt charity immediately to avoid any interest rate accumulation.'”

“Constants calls from My Jar Debt Collectors.”

“My Jar Debt Collectors won’t stop calling my phone claiming I have insufficient funds and this would affect my credit score foe any future loans.”

Phone number 01312023126 has received a negative rating based on these experiences.

The primary categories associated with this phone number are debt collector, financial services, and nuisance calls.

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Why are you receiving calls from 01312023126?

My Jar Debt Collectors are using this phone number (+441312023126) to contact you regarding any outstanding debts you may owe. These debts could encompass various types, such as:

Please take these calls seriously and address the matter accordingly.

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