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Our research indicates that the phone number 01133508470 is associated with IMFS Debt Collection, a debt collection agency.

If you receive calls from this number that you cannot answer, it is advisable to treat them with caution.

It is recommended to consult with a debt counsellor before picking up the phone or ignoring calls from 01133508470.

If you struggle to meet your debt payments and face severe financial difficulties, seeking assistance from a credit management company might be a good idea. IMFS Debt Collection is a reputable company offering various debt management services for individuals and businesses.

By conducting a reverse phone lookup, we have traced the +441133508470 number back to IMFS Debt Collection. Before calling back the number (0113) 487 0430 or contact IMFS debt collection, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the options available to address your debt situation. It is worth noting that many debt recovery organisations have purchased debts, and as a result, you may be eligible to have up to 80% of your obligations legally written off.

More information about the number

The phone number 01133508470 belongs to IMFS Debt Collection company, who have received complaints regarding various issues, including:

If you have outstanding debts related to credit cards, energy bills, parking tickets, utility bills, or council tax, you will likely be contacted by 01133508470 in an attempt to collect the amount owed. It is advisable to contact your financial services sector of any outstanding debt repayments you might have.

 Are you worried about calls from this number?

There have been numerous reports from users regarding distressing calls originating from the number 01133508470. These reports have sparked significant public concern. However, it is crucial to carefully consider your options before engaging with a bailiff or debt collector. Understanding your legal rights is of utmost importance if you are experiencing harassment from the number +441133508470within the United Kingdom.

To navigate this situation, seeking guidance from a free debt counsellor is advisable, as they can offer improved financial solutions for consumer debt. They can assist in assessing your options and determining the best course of action when dealing with debt collectors. With the help of a debt counsellor, it is possible to have a significant portion, up to 85%, of your obligations legally forgiven.

Is it a good idea to ignore calls from this number?

Debt collection agencies persistently pursue payment, whether acting on a client’s behalf or having purchased the debt themselves. Ignoring them can lead to a range of consequences, including threatening phone calls, messages, and mail, as well as potential legal action and additional costs. They may escalate their approach by sending threatening letters and eventually serving a Letter before Action (LBA) to inform you of their intention to sue.

Regardless of the circumstances, responding to communications from 01133508470 is crucial. Ignoring them will not make them stop contacting you, and disregarding the debt collectors simply because you believe the obligation is not yours to pay can create more significant problems.

They may interpret your lack of response as justification to take more severe measures against you, potentially adding interest and other costs to your existing debt, thereby exacerbating the situation. Taking control of the problem, seeking advice from a debt specialist who will offer impartial money advice, and working towards a resolution are your best options. Therefore, ensure you seek professional advice immediately.

Helpful feedback

Based on feedback from individuals in the UK who have received phone calls from 01133508470, the following observations can be made:

Some people reported that the callers identified themselves as IMFS and demanded payment to recover unsecured debts, indicating a it was all a potential scam.

Others mentioned that they received calls despite not having any debts or credit cards demanding them to pay IMFS debt collection, suggesting a suspicious attempt to collect payments.

Several individuals labelled the calls as scams and not debt solution and reported blocking and reporting the number.

Some described the caller as simply stating “IMFS debt collectors” and instructing them to press one if available.

Specific individuals flagged The phone number as a potential fraud in a credit report.

The frequency of calls was mentioned, with some noting that IMFS Debt Collection contacted them repeatedly throughout the day.

The callers were sometimes described as rude and should be reported to the financial conduct authority.

The phone number 01133508470 has received a negative rating from users and debt charities. It is commonly associated with debt collection, financial services, and nuisance calls to resolve financial situation.

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Why is this number calling me?

If you receive a call from +441134870430, IMFS Debt Collection is likely attempting to collect an debt from you. The debts they may be seeking payment for can include the following:

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