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Many people who have received missed calls from 01513056749 are always curious to know who the number belongs to. 01513056749 belongs to Debt & Revenue Services, a debt collection agency that you should be cautious of when you see a missed call from them.

Before speaking to Debt & Revenue Services, gathering all the necessary information regarding your outstanding debts is essential.

If you face any difficulties, contact a debt advisor to provide expert guidance before answering calls from 01513056749.

Your outstanding debt, which debt recovery companies have acquired, could be eligible for a legal write-off of up to 80%.

And the debt advisor will be able to efficiently guide you on how to qualify for such write-offs.

Information About 01513056749

Here is some information regarding the phone number 01513056749. The individuals associated with this number are Debt & Revenue Services.

There have been numerous complaints related to this number, including:

Additionally, it has been reported that calls from 01513056749 may be attempts to collect debt for credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debt.

Worried About Calls from 01513056749

Many users have raised concerns about receiving calls from the phone number 01513056749, causing worry for many people.

These calls can be alarming and leave individuals needing more certainty about handling the situation. However, before contacting any debt recovery company, it is crucial to know the debt recovery options available to negotiate your payment.

In addition to familiarising yourself with debt recovery options, it is equally essential to be aware of your rights as a consumer when receiving calls from +441513056749.

Knowledge of these rights can empower you to assert your position and protect yourself from any potential harassment or unjust treatment.

Contacting debt advisors can be invaluable if you need help navigating the conversation or require further guidance.

They possess the knowledge and resources to help you create a plan that may even legally eliminate a significant portion of your debts, potentially up to 85%, provided you meet specific requirements.

While receiving calls from the phone number 01513056749 may initially cause concern, it is crucial to be informed and proactive in handling the situation.

By understanding debt recovery options, knowing your rights as a consumer, and seeking assistance from debt advisors, you can confidently navigate these interactions and work towards resolving your financial obligations to best suit your needs and circumstances.

What Happens if You Ignore 01513056749?

It is crucial to address any communication from 01513056749, regardless of the situation.

Disregarding their attempts to contact you will not prevent them from persisting, even if you dispute the debt’s validity.

If the debt belongs to you and you owe money, ignoring the debt collectors can exacerbate the problem significantly, giving them reasons to escalate their actions against you.

Furthermore, it could accumulate additional charges and interest on your existing debt.

It is advisable to seek guidance from a debt expert who can resolve the matter promptly to manage this situation effectively.

Feedback on Phone Calls

Here is a sample of people’s feedback concerning their engagement with phone number 01513056749. Below are just but a few.

“Debt & Revenue Services, the debt collection agencies, has been persistent in their attempts to contact me claiming I have money owed, despite my previous reports to the debt collection agent body.”

“I have received daily calls and voicemails from Debt & Revenue Services demanding I decide on a repayment plan, I cleared my payday loans on time but this bailiff or enforcement agent still keeps calling.”

“This debt collector continues to call me relentlessly I already received debt advice on my financial hardship but they still harass me.”

“I feel overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of calls from Debt & Revenue Services and I have no personal debts. they are clearly trying to collect debts from the wrong person.”

“It is concerning how Debt & Revenue can engage in such poor business practices without consequences, they should first investigate debt relief order given and stop harassing people facing financial hardship. Collecting debts should not be done this way.”

“I have been contacted by Debt & Revenue at all hours of the day, causing significant disruption stating they have my standard financial statement that indicated I have other debts to clear and yuet those debts have a settlement agreement.”

“I chose not to answer the call as my phone flagged it as ‘potential fraud.'”

“The incessant bothersome calls from Debt & Revenue are becoming unbearable.”

“I am fed up with these repeated calls from Debt & Revenue Services.”

Phone number 01513056749 has a negative reputation due to all these complaints.

This phone number is primarily associated with being a debt collector, providing financial services, and is categorised as a nuisance call..

Why is 01513056749 Calling?

You may have recently received a call from Debt & Revenue Services at +441513056749.

They are reaching out to address any outstanding debts you may have accumulated.

These debts could be related to various matters such as credit card balances, overdue overdraft amounts, council tax obligations, unpaid utility bills, or outstanding parking fines.

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