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If you are struggling to make your debt payments and are in dire financial straits, it may be time to seek assistance from a credit management company.

Lantern Debit Collectors is a company that provides various debt management services for individuals and businesses.

Our research indicates that 01138876876 is associated with Lantern Debt Collection Company, a debt collection agency.

Any calls from 01138876876 that go unanswered should be considered suspicious. Contact a debt counsellor before picking up the phone and ignoring calls from 01138876876.

The +441138876876 number has been traced back to Lantern Debit Collectors via a reverse phone lookup.

You should know your options for dealing with your debt before calling back (0113) 3887 6876. You may be eligible to have up to 80% of your obligations legally written off, as many debt recovery organisations have purchased your debt.

Details About 01138876876

The individuals who called you from 01138876876 are Lantern Debt Collectors, and complaints have been lodged against:

If you owe money on a credit card, energy bill, parking ticket, or council tax, 01138876876 will try to contact you to collect.

Troubled By Calls From 01138876876

Users have reported receiving harassing calls from 01138876876. This has prompted broad public concern. However, weighing your choices is a good idea before you talk to a bailiff or debt collector.

It is essential to know your legal options if you are being harassed by +441138876876 in the United Kingdom.

You should consult a free debt counsellor who can help you weigh your choices before dealing with debt collectors.

You can have as much as 85% of your obligations forgiven with the assistance of a debt counsellor.

What Happens If 01138876876 Is Ignored?

Ignoring a debt letter or throwing it away when you receive one is tempting. The issue and the debt collector will still be there, however.

Debt collection agencies are tenacious. Whether they are working on behalf of a client or have purchased the debt themselves, it is their responsibility to pursue payment.

Concisely, you must deal with threatening phone calls, messages, and mail. You may also be subject to legal action and additional costs.

They would start with threatening letters and follow up with a Letter before Action (LBA) to let you know they plan to sue you.

No matter what is going on, you should always respond to 01138876876.

They will continue to contact you even if you ignore them, so do not ignore them just because you do not think the obligation is yours to pay.

If the money is yours to spend, ignoring the debt collectors is much more of a problem.

They may now feel justified in taking more drastic measures against you. Interest and other costs might be added to your existing debt, worsening the situation.

Taking charge, getting advice from a debt specialist, and working things out are your best options.

Feedback On Phone Conversations

Some comments from British citizens who have received calls from 01138876876.

“The calls from Lantern Debt Recovery Services persisted daily, claiming my credit report was not good; they kept calling even after I reported the problem to them.”

‘The call from “Lantern Debt Recovery Company” requesting payment from my credit file was a complete fake because I owe no one any money.’

“The debt collecting company is a Scam, was identified and blocked. I have no payday loans in my credit agreement, and they still call.”

“Many calls are coming in from Lantern Debt Collectors. I immediately got in touch with my specialist debt advisor for the way forward.”

“I get calls from 01138876876 stating I have unsecured debts, which supposedly belong to Lantern Debt Collectors.”

“I feel these calls have been from criminals and don’t offer debt solution as they say!

“Called nonstop for two months, then disappeared for two weeks, and is now calling again. I had to implement a debt management plan because this was total harassment.”

“There has been a constant flow of calls from “Lantern Debt Collectors. I have reported the matter to the county court judgement.”

The review score of 01138876876 is below average.

Calls from this number often fall into three broad categories: debt collection, financial services, and nuisance.

Phone Numbers For Bailiffs And Debt Collectors

All UK bailiff and debt collector contact details are provided below.

Why Is 01138876876 Calling?

If you get a call from +441138876876, Lantern Debit Collectors is likely trying to collect a debt from you. Possible debts include:

UK Debt Solutions

Listed here are all the debt relief options open to you in the United Kingdom, broken down by region.

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Debt collectors are a pain, but you must understand the situation with information and a plan.

To have a productive conversation with Lantern Debt Collectors, it is essential to prepare beforehand.

You can handle the problem better if you know your rights, collect relevant data, verify the debt, communicate in writing, negotiate a settlement, and keep a complete journal of exchanges.

Following these rules, you can stand up for yourself, make your case, and arrange a reasonable debt settlement.

Remember that seeking assistance from a credit management company is a positive step towards regaining financial control.

With the proper preparation, you will be well on your way to achieving financial stability.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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