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Debt collection service Opos claims to be the industry standard. And if you have received calls from this number 01414283932, they are trying to contact you for a debt you owe.

Should you receive any communication from Opos, you might question whether it’s a legitimate debt collection company or potentially a scam.

The bad news is that you must respond to their correspondence because they are a legitimate debt collection agency.

Missed messages from the number 01414283932 should be handled with caution. Before answering any inquiries from 01414283932, consult a debt specialist.

The number +441414283932 has been identified as belonging to Opos Limited Debt Collection by the reverse phone number lookup utility.

They buy ‘bad debts’ from other businesses and then try to collect the defaulted amounts for themselves, even though they do it on the original businesses’ behalf.

When companies face losses due to outstanding debts, they can sell these debts to Opos Limited for a significantly reduced amount. Opos then takes on the task of collecting the debts and retains the difference as profit.

Before returning any contact to 01414283932, you must thoroughly understand the different debt relief options available.

Numerous debt collection agencies have acquired your debt, and you may be eligible for a legal write-off of up to 80% of your debts.

Information about 01414283932

You received a call from 01414283932, which is associated with Opos Limited Debt Collection. Several complaints have been filed regarding:

01414283932 calls are attempting to recover debt related to credit cards, utility bills, parking tickets, or council tax debt.

Worried About Calls From 01414283932

This phone number, 01414283932, has been reported by users, causing many others to be concerned. Nevertheless, it would help if you considered your options before speaking with a bailiff or debt collector.

If you are being pursued by +441414283932 in the United Kingdom, you should be aware of your legal rights.

We recommend seeing a free debt expert to help you determine your options before interacting with debt collectors.

In certain cases, debt counsellors can help their clients legally get as much as 85 per cent of their obligations forgiven

What happens if you ignore 01414283932?

Pay attention to the number 01414283932, regardless of the circumstances. Even if you believe the debt is not yours to pay, ignoring them will not stop them from contacting you.

Ignoring the debt collectors is even more problematic if the debt is yours to pay.

This may give them cause to take more severe action against you. Additionally, it can increase the debt you already incur by adding interest and other fees.

It is best to take charge of the situation, seek assistance from a debt expert, and resolve things.

Feedback on Phone Calls

People in the UK who have had calls from the number 01414283932 have provided the following comments.

“Even after I reported it, I was still getting five calls a day from Opos Limited Debt recovery company.”

“Complete and utter hoax, Opos Limited Debt Collection called me demanding payment when I have no outstanding debts. The credit services association should review this company.”

“Opportunists are constantly calling from all over, including this number claiming they have a debt solution for debts owed.”

”I had to shut them down. Mithering and ringing of the Opos. I don’t think other debt collection company operate in this manner with no debt letter.”

”Opos Debt Collection repeatedly calls from 01414283932. Do not fall for this con artist’s schemes that they collect debts first contact the financial ombudsman service before interacting with them.”

”They called consistently for weeks on end about payday loans and that I have existing unsecured debt, went silent for two weeks, and are back on the line with a fake payment plan.”

“Opos debt collection companies. They would not tell me who they were or what they did when I phoned them; they just keep saying they will affect my credit rating.”

“Opos credit management company won’t stop calling me! ANd the debt collection agents are so rude.”

“They tried to scare me into paying the amount by threatening to take legal action if I didn’t. Instead of continuing the conversation, I asked for their number and said I’d get back to them when I confirmed the debt.”

“Unexpectedly, they were reticent to answer and gave only general information. When I looked up the number online, I saw multiple complaints that it was used in fraudulent activities.”

The review score of the contact number 01414283932 needs to be better. Typically, calls from this number fall from one of three broad categories: debt collection, financial services, or nuisance.

Debt Collector and Bailiff Contact Information

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Why Is 01414283932 Calling?

If you receive a call from +441414283932, a debt collector from Opos Limited is likely trying to contact you.

Some examples of possible debts are:

UK Debt Solutions

You should learn about your debt relief options when reviewing your credit report and current creditors.

Depending on your location in the United Kingdom, the following debt relief options should be considered.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

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