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Dealing with debt collection agencies can be incredibly frustrating, and if you have been receiving calls from the number 01133229823, you likely understand this sentiment.

The number 01133229823 is linked to Lantern Debt Recovery; the company is considered a specialised debt collection agency.

When you receive calls from this number, it is crucial to approach it cautiously, as many have reported it to the county court judgement for harassment.

It is highly recommended that you seek guidance from a knowledgeable debt advisor before answering any calls from 01133229823.

A reverse phone number lookup tool has verified that the telephone number +441133229823 is associated with Lantern Debt Collectors.

If you are contemplating returning a call to 01133229823, you must comprehensively understand the various debt solutions available and consider using a financial ombudsman service for assistance. They are also available to offer you free debt advice.

It is important to note that multiple debt recovery companies may have acquired your debt, and there is a possibility that you could be eligible to legally reduce or eliminate up to 80% of your debts through appropriate channels.

Additional Information on the number

There have been reports of complaints regarding multiple issues associated with the number 01133229823, including instances of harassment by Lantern Debt Collectors, receiving unsolicited text message spam from them, and even receiving fraudulent court letters claiming to be from Lantern.

Making many wonder if it is really a legitimate debt recovery company.

If you receive a call from 01133229823, they are probably seeking to collect debts related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax.

It is advisable to seek free debt advice before you contact the Lantern debt recovery services.

Are you worried about calls from this number?

Receiving calls from the phone number 01133229823 has raised concerns among numerous individuals, causing distress to many recipients.

To navigate this situation effectively, it is crucial to be well-informed about the available options before engaging with any bailiffs or debt collection agencies.

If you find yourself being pursued by the number +441133229823 within the United Kingdom, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of your rights.

We strongly advise seeking guidance from a debt advisor who can provide free assistance and educate you about the potential solutions.

It is worth noting that qualified debt advisors may be able to assist you in legally reducing up to 85% of your debts, provided you meet the necessary criteria.

Can I ignore the calls?

It is crucial to emphasise that ignoring calls from 01133229823 is strongly discouraged under any circumstances.

Disregarding these calls will not prevent further attempts to reach you for a debt settlement, even if you believe the mentioned debt is not your responsibility and you have a clean credit file.

If the debt belongs to you, ignoring the debt collectors can exacerbate the situation.

This could provide them with grounds to pursue more severe actions against you with the backing of the credit services association.

Moreover, disregarding the calls may lead to additional interest and charges, increasing your debt.

To safeguard your best interests, it is highly recommended that you take charge of the situation by seeking guidance and having a proper debt management plan in place from a debt expert and actively addressing the matter.

Feedback from calls on this number

As mentioned, you are not alone; there is a list of complaint feedback from people within the UK from these calls.

“Lantern contacted me multiple times every day, even after I reported them.”

“Lantern Debt Collection companies call me daily and leave voicemails.”

“I receive constant calls from this debt collector.”

“I am bombarded with calls from Lantern Debt Collectors. claim I have unpaid payday loans”

“How is Lantern allowed to engage in such poor business practices?”

“Lantern tries to contact me at all hours of the day.”

“I didn’t answer the call, and my phone flagged it as potential fraud.”

“I am constantly bothered by calls from Lantern Debt Collectors.”

“I am tired of these calls from Lantern.”

Based on this feedback, the phone number 01133229823 has received a negative rating. It is primarily categorised as a debt collector, financial services, and nuisance call.

A List of Bailiff and Debt Collectors Numbers

Here is a comprehensive list of UK Bailiff and Debt Collector numbers that can be helpful when dealing with unwanted or harassing calls:

Reasons the number might be called

The phone number 01133229823 is calling you on behalf of Lantern Debt Collectors.

Their purpose is to recover any outstanding debts you may owe. These debts can fall into various categories, including:

Credit Card Debts:

If you have unpaid balances or overdue payments on your credit cards, Lantern Debt Collectors may contact you to collect these debts.


If you have an overdraft facility with a bank or financial institution and there are unresolved or unpaid amounts, Lantern Debt Collectors may reach out to recover the outstanding debt.

Council Tax Debt:

If you have failed to pay your council tax or have arrears in this regard, Lantern Debt Collectors may call you to seek payment and resolve the outstanding debt related to your council tax obligations.

Utility Bills:

Unpaid utility bills such as electricity, gas, water, or telecommunications may prompt Lantern Debt Collectors to contact you to collect the outstanding amounts and address the debt.

Parking Fines:

If you have outstanding fines or penalties due to parking violations, Lantern Debt Collectors may call you to recover the unpaid amounts and settle the debt.

Engaging with Lantern Debt Collectors and seeking appropriate advice to address your financial obligations, explore potential repayment options, and find suitable solutions for your debts is important.

Some Debt Solutions to consider

When examining your credit report and current debts, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the debt solutions that can help you effectively manage and resolve your financial obligations.

Consider exploring the following potential debt solutions, depending on your location within the UK.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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