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Have you missed a call from 01189040301 and are curious who it was from?

Our records show that 01189040301 is the property of SLL Debt Collectors, a debt collection agency that works to get you to pay off unsecured debts.

Missed calls from 01189040301 should be taken seriously if you owe money.

Before answering calls from 0118904031, consult a qualified third-party debt collector or counsellor.

According to the reverse phone number search service, the +441189040301-phone number is SLL Debt Collectors.

You should be aware of your options for debt relief before returning any calls to debt collector contacts

You may be eligible to lawfully write off up to 83 per cent of your bills because numerous debt recovery agencies have purchased your debt.

Details For 01189040301

SLL Debt Collectors are the ones that phoned you from the number 01189040301, and complaints have been filed for:

Calls from 01189040301 are made to recoup debt for credit cards, electricity bills, parking tickets, or even unpaid council taxes.

Concerned About Telephone Calls From 01189040301

People have reported the 01189040301-phone number, which has many others concerned.

However, you must know your options before dealing with a bailiff or debt collection representative.

You want to know your rights if +441189040301 is pursuing you in the UK.

We firmly advocate speaking with a free debt expert to help you determine your options before talking to debt collectors.

Reactions To Phone Calls

Here is some comment from UK residents that have been contacted by the number 01189040301.

“SLL Debt Collectors, and their desired payment in exchange for recovering consumer debt for the original creditor.”

“Total scam, SLL Debt Collectors called me chasing payments even though I have no debts in my bank accounts and nothing in credit reports.”

“Asked for my wife by name because of outstanding debt, but on my phone, she claimed to have unpaid debts on initial contact, even though neither she nor any of her possessions have any debts.”

“Scam. reported and blocked as they call with no written request or proof of payment arrangement done prior to this harassment.

“The 01189040301 phone number is becoming a nuisance claiming they are seeking payment or they threaten they would take you to court.

I have no debts for them to collect payment from me so I don’t understand this level of harassment.”

“Beware of this scammer.”

“SLL Debt Collectors scam phone call demanding payment for unsecured debts”

“My phone said “possible fraud,” so I didn’t answer.”

SLL Debt Collectors keep calling me for other people and are scammers who phone nonstop daily.

“SLL callers are impolite.”

The phone number 01189040301 needs to receive better reviews. The main classifications for this phone number are Debt collector, Financial Services, and Nuisance call.

List of Bailiff and Debt Collector Phone Numbers

The UK’s debt collector and bailiff phone numbers are shown below.

Why Calls From 01189040301?

SLL Debt Collectors is phoning you at +441189040301 to try to collect any debts you may owe. The debts owed may consist of the following:

How Can You Identify A Fraudulent Debt Collecting Scheme?

When you have debt, you put yourself at risk of falling victim to fraudulent debt collection practices. Even if you do not have any genuine debt, there is still a chance you’ll fall victim to one of these scams. Keep an eye out for the following telltale signals to determine whether a debt collector is legitimate:

UK Debt Solutions

You should know all the debt relief options available while analysing your credit report and existing debtors.

Depending on where you are located in the UK, the following are all the debt relief options you have access to.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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