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If you’ve received any correspondence from Allied International Credit, such as a letter or text message, it’s understandable that you might feel pursued a debt you don’t owe.

This sentiment could also arise if you’ve received calls from 01414577057.

The owner of the telephone number +441414577057 has been identified as Allied International Credit, a debt collection company known for its assertive pursuit of unsecured debts.

If you’ve missed calls from this number, exercising caution before returning the call is prudent. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a debt counsellor to make well-informed decisions about your financial situation before you pay allied international credit.

A reverse phone number lookup confirms that +441414577057 belongs to Allied International Debt Collectors.

Before reaching out to 01414577057, the debt recovery company, you must clearly understand your debt relief options.

Given that various debt recovery agencies may have acquired your debt, it’s possible to have a significant portion written off, potentially up to 80%. Seeking professional advice can help you explore these options thoroughly.

Dealing with Allied International Credit: Understanding Debt Collection Practices

Allied International Credit is a debt collection firm that may not be immediately recognisable as they act on behalf of other businesses.

Understanding their debt collection practices and potential impacts on your credit score is crucial when dealing with them. Here’s what you need to know:

Standard Debt Collection Tactics:

Debt collection letters from companies like Allied International Credit often include demands for immediate payment arrangements and may even threaten home visits.

Settlement Offers and Legal Warnings:

After the initial contact, you may receive another letter proposing an out-of-court settlement while warning of potential legal action, such as pursuing a county court judgment or declaring bankruptcy if payment demands are unmet.

Communication Methods:

Allied International Credit may try to contact you through various means, such as mail or phone calls, primarily to demand payment.

Impact on Credit Score:

A collections account opened by a debt collector like Allied International Credit can significantly damage your credit score, limiting future access to loans and financial assistance.

Resolution Possibilities:

Despite the challenges, addressing and resolving the debt might be possible, leading to removing or improving your credit score.

When dealing with Allied International Credit or any debt collector, understanding your rights as a consumer and seeking professional advice are essential steps to protect your financial well-being.

Information About 01414577057

The 01414577057 number is associated with Allied International Credit, and complaints have been made about their calls for the following reasons:

If you owe money on a credit card, utility bill, parking ticket, or council tax, 01414577057 will call you to try to collect.

Worried About Calls From 01414577057

Users have reported 01414577057, leading others to be concerned. It is important to know your options before contacting a bailiff or debt collection agency.

If you are harassed by +441414577057 in the United Kingdom, understanding your legal options is in your best interest.

We urge you to see a free debt expert before addressing debt collectors so they can help you find the best course of action.

Some Debt Advisors Might Be Able To Assist You In Legally Writing Off 85% Of Your Debts If You Qualify.

What Happens If You Ignore 01414577057?

Under no circumstances is it a smart idea to disregard 01414577057 or ignore Allied International Credit. Even if you do not think you owe the money, the collectors will keep trying to contact you.

Ignoring debt collectors is a major problem if the debt is your responsibility, as the matter could be escalated to the county court’s judgement.

They may use this as justification for taking more severe measures against you.

Interest and other fees may be added to your existing debt as well. Taking charge of the matter and getting assistance from a debt specialist is the best course of action.

Feedback on Phone Calls

Some UK residents who have received calls from 01414577057 have shared their thoughts below.

“They sought compensation for debts owed and demanded I contact Allied International Credit.

I don’t think they are following the strict debt collection guidance set in the industry.”

“Complete and utter hoax, I have no debts, and Allied International Credit has been calling me demanding payment, the financial ombudsman service should look into this matter.”

“Allied International Credit UK Asked for my wife by name, but on my phone saying she had outstanding debts and they are calling to collect debts, but my wife didn’t have any debts or even own a credit card.”

“Scam. Disabled and reported them immediately to the FCAS debt collection rules investigation.”

”Someone from Allied International (01414577057) called and stated they are a debt collector and have a debt letter from the credit services association for me to collect from their offices.”

”Con artist, stay away! A threatening “Allied International Credit” phone call claimed the recipient had unpaid bills and they have put in place a formal debt solution.”

”My phone claimed a “potential fraud”, and I did not pick up.”

“Allied International is a debt collection agency that calls me all night and day hours with no debt management plan in place. They are scammers because they keep calling me for someone else.”

“Allied International Credit’s call agents are always impolite.”

The review score for +11414577057 was quite low.

A debt collector, financial service, or nuisance caller may use this number.

Why Is 01414577057 Calling?

When you answer a call from +441414577057, Allied International Credit is likely attempting to collect a debt from you.

As a debt collection firm, its primary function is to recover outstanding debts for various businesses and organisations.

The debts that you might owe and that could be the reason for their contact may encompass a variety of financial obligations, including:


Unpaid bills for electricity, water, gas, or other utility services can be considered debts that Allied International Credit might pursue on utility companies’ behalf.

Council Tax:

Local authorities might employ debt collection agencies like Allied International Credit to retrieve the outstanding amounts if you have unpaid council tax.

Credit Card Debt:

If you have unpaid balances on your credit cards, credit card companies might enlist debt collectors to recover the outstanding amounts.

Fines for Parking:

Debt collection agencies could also handle unpaid parking fines from local authorities or private companies.

UK Debt Solutions

It would help if you learned about your debt relief options when reviewing your credit report and current creditors.

Depending on your location in the United Kingdom, the following debt relief options should be considered.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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