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It is understandable if you need to catch up on bills if money is tight. As a result, you receive mail from a mysterious organisation or debt collector.

You may need to decide whether to respond to Bluestone Debt Collection and Recovery’s demands for payment.

And if you have received a missed call from this particular number, 01142317509, our research indicates that it belongs to Bluestone Credit Management, a debt collection agency specialising in collecting unsecured debts.

Be cautious when receiving calls from this debt collection company, especially if you don’t owe money.

Before answering any calls from 01142317509, we recommend consulting with a debt expert specialising in this area.

According to a reverse phone number lookup, Bluestone Credit Management owns the telephone number +441142317509.

Before considering returning any calls, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the various debt relief options available.

Several debt recovery companies may have purchased your debt, potentially making you eligible to legally write off up to 80% of your debts.

Details regarding the number

The number 01142317509 belongs to Bluestone Credit Management, which has contacted individuals leading to various complaints.

These complaints include incidents of threats and harassment from Bluestone Credit Management, spam sent via SMS messages, and even instances of forged letters from the court attributed to them.

When you receive a call from 01142317509, the debt collection agencies, they are likely attempting to collect debts, which could be related to credit cards, utility bills, parking tickets, or council tax debt.

It is essential to be cautious when dealing with calls from this number and to seek proper advice and assistance regarding any debt-related matters.

Concerned About Receiving Calls from This Number?

There have been growing concerns as numerous users reported receiving calls from 01142317509. However, being well-informed about your options before engaging with any bailiff or debt recovery firm is crucial.

If you find yourself being pursued by +441142317509 in the UK, it is essential to understand all your rights and available courses of action. Instead of immediately turning to debt collectors, consulting a debt expert for free is highly recommended.

They can help you assess your situation and determine the best approach for dealing with your debt.

Some debt counsellors can assist you in legally writing off up to 85 per cent of your obligations if you meet the eligibility criteria. Being informed and seeking professional advice can significantly aid you in managing your debt effectively.

Is it wise to Ignore the calls?

Ignoring the number 01142317509 can lead to unfavourable consequences, regardless of the circumstances.

Even if you believe the debt is not your responsibility, ignoring their attempts to contact you will not make them disappear.

If you are indeed responsible for the debt, ignoring the collectors can exacerbate the situation.

It may provide them with grounds to take more severe actions against you due to your unresponsiveness.

Furthermore, your total debt could increase significantly due to the accumulated interest and other fees. Taking charge of the situation is in your best interest.

Seeking assistance from a debt professional and addressing the issue promptly is crucial to prevent further complications.

Feedback from phone calls

Here is some feedback from individuals in the UK who have received phone calls from the number 01142317509 belonging to Bluestone consumer finance limited:

“Bluestone Credit Management rang 5 times a day even after I reported it, stating they have gotten backing from the financial ombudsman service to collect debt owed.”

“Called from Bluestone credit management debt; they would not answer my questions over the phone regarding my credit file or the details on the debt letter.”

“Scam; I immediately blocked Bluestone credit management debts and reported them to stop Bluestone credit management from harassing me.”

“Ringing claiming I have debts to pay the debt management company and being very rude that I should immediately pay Bluestone credit management.”

“Bluestone debt recovery company rang claiming they had written to me about my debts, not had any letters, so I sought advice from a local debt charity on how to handle the financial situation.”

“Called regularly for months and months, stopped for a fortnight and now calling again. These debt collection companies can be very annoying.”

“Didn’t answer; my phone said, ‘potential fraud’ as Bluestone credit management chasing several people over the months.”

“Calls 5 or 6 times a day demanding I contact Bluestone credit management, or they could go ahead and affect my credit rating. For such situations, it is good to get money advice and find out if they are legitimate debt collectors within the UK.”

“Bluestone Credit Management won’t stop calling my phone. I have reached out to money advice Scotland and see if they could assist me with my debt management plans.”

The phone number 01142317509 has received a negative rating based on these experiences.

Numbers For Debt Collectors And Bailiffs

Below is a compilation of phone numbers for debt collectors and bailiffs that are commonly used in the UK:

Why is this number calling me?

You may have noticed that Bluestone Credit Management, listed as +441142317509 in your phone’s contact list, is contacting you regarding potential debts.

The following are examples of the types of debts that Bluestone Credit Management may be referring to:

Addressing these matters and exploring appropriate options for resolving your outstanding debts is essential.

Some Debt Solutions to Look Through

When examining your credit report and current debtors, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the available debt solutions.

The following is a list of debt solutions accessible to individuals based in different regions of the UK.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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