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You missed a call from 01216456456 and want to find out who it was.

Based on what we know, the number 01216456456 goes to Rutherford’s Bailiffs & Collection Services, a company that tries to get you to pay off unsecured debts, more like a bailiff or enforcement agent. If you miss a call from 01216456456, you should be careful.

Before answering calls from 01216456456, you should talk to a financial expert in a debt collection agency.

The phone number +441216456456 belongs to Rutherford’s Bailiffs & Collection Services, according to the reverse phone number lookup tool.

Before you call 01216456456, knowing how to deal with your debt is important. Many companies have bought your debt, and you may be able to get up to 80% of it written off.

Details About The Number 01216456456

Rutherford’s Bailiffs & Collection Services is the company that called you from 01216456456, and complaints have been made about:

You might get a call from 01216456456 if you owe money on credit cards, energy bills, parking tickets, or council tax.

Concerned About Calls From 01216456456

Many people fear this 01216456456 phone number because users have reported it. However, before you talk to a bailiff or a bill collector, you must know what you can do.

If +441216456456 is chasing you in the UK, you want to know your rights.

Before you talk to debt collectors, you should talk to a free debt counsellor who can help you determine your options.

Some debt counsellors can help you get 85% of your debts officially written off if you qualify.

What Sets Bailiffs Apart From Other Debt Collectors Who Come To Your Door?

Bailiffs are appointed by the courts to perform the function of debt collection and have the legal authority to do so. A debt collector who visits consumers in their homes may do it on behalf of a collection agency or directly for a creditor.

Debt collectors who use door-to-door tactics may try to negotiate a payment plan with you, but their primary purpose is not to collect the debt.

They will try to work with you to agree on a payment plan and resolve your debt, but they will not take custody of your belongings in the same way a bailiff would be able to do so.

Can Bailiffs Seize My Stuff For Someone Else’s Debt?

It is only legal for bailiffs to seize goods solely owned by you or jointly owned by you and another person.

For instance, the bailiff is not permitted to seize anything that may be demonstrated to solely belong to your partner or another individual who resides at the premises.

You are the one who needs to supply the bailiff with these pieces of evidence.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Answer 01216456456?

No matter what, you should always pay attention to the number 01216456456. Even if you think the bill is not yours to pay, they will still try to contact you if you do not answer.

If the bill is yours to pay, ignoring the debt collectors is even more of a problem.

This can give them a reason to make you do something more important. It can also add interest and other fees to your debt, making it bigger.

It is best to take charge of the problem, get help from someone who knows about debt, and deal with it.

Responses To Phone Calls

Here is what people in the UK have said about getting calls from 01216456456.

“Rutherfords kept ringing five times a day after I told them to stop, I am looking for how to report this to the county court bailiffs.”

“Total scam. I don’t owe anyone anything, but Rutherfords Bailiffs & Collection Services called me to get money.”

“Scam. Blocking and reporting as they attempted to force entry to my place, I don’t think this is how they are to collect debts.”

“Had to keep them out. Rutherfords are always ringing and muttering about unpaid income tax and sending enforcement agents.”

“The number 01216456456 calls me often and says they are Rutherford’s Bailiffs & Collection Services. Scammer, avoid”

“They called every day for months and then stopped for two weeks, and now they’re calling again saying I have a payment agreement I have not met.”

“Did not answer, and my phone said “potential scam.”

“Mither from Rutherfords Collections all day long.”

“Rutherford won’t stop calling me at all hours of the day.”

A bad ranking has been given to the phone number 01216456456. Most people think this phone number belongs to a bill collector, a financial service, or a nuisance caller.

List Of Phone Numbers For Debt Collectors And Bailiffs

Here is a list of all the phone numbers for debt collectors and bailiffs in the UK.

Who Is Calling From 01216456456?

Rutherford’s Bailiffs & Collection Services calls you at +441216456456 to determine if you owe money and looking to recover debt. Some of the bills could be:

UK Debt Solutions

When you look at your credit report and present debts, you should know how to get out of debt.

Here are all of the ways you can deal with your debt, depending on where you live in the UK.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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