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With the tough times ahead of us, many have defaulted on several payments. And if this all sounds too familiar, we are sure you must have received a missed call from 01246570500 and wish to know who this is.

Our reports show 01246570500 belongs to UK Search Limited Debt (UKSL), a debt collection agency dealing in unsecured debt.

Treat all calls from 01246570500 with caution and speak to a specialist debt advisor before answering 01246570500 calls.

The reverse phone number lookup tool shows that +441246570500 belongs to UK Search Limited Debt. They are trying to collect a debt from you if they call you.

Try to understand all your debt solutions options before you return any call from 01246570500 or even pay UK Search Limited for any pending unsecured debts.

If a debt recovery company has bought your debt, you could be legally entitled to write off 80% of the debt.

Information About 01246570500

01246570500 often calls you to recover debt for utility bills, credit cards, parking fines and even council tax debt.

However, many complaints have been raised against UK Search Limited Debt collection company, calling for:

Worried About Calls from 01246570500?

Constant calls and texts from 01246570500 have caused much anxiety to so many people. However, do not rush to speak to a bailiff or debt recovery agent before knowing your options.

We strongly recommend that you seek the free advice of a debt advisor who will look at your debt situation and propose solutions.

If you qualify, a debt advisor may help you legally write off up to 85% of your debt.

What Happens if You Ignore Calls from 01246570500?

Ignoring calls from 01246570500, a niche debt collection agency can lead to negative consequences, and it is crucial to recognise these calls, regardless of the circumstances.

Here’s an elaboration on the potential outcomes of ignoring such calls:

Persistent Calls:

Ignoring the calls will not make them go away. Debt collectors are relentless in their attempts to contact you, and they may continue to call repeatedly, causing further annoyance and stress.

try and get free debt advice before they escalate the problem.

Debt Verification:

Even if you believe the debt belongs to someone else, avoiding communication with the debt collector will not resolve the issue.

If you need more clarification about the debt’s validity, taking proactive steps to verify it is essential.

Escalating Actions:

Ignoring calls related to a debt that belongs to you can give the debt collector a reason to escalate their actions.

This might include taking more severe measures to collect the debt, such as pursuing legal action or involving credit reporting agencies.

Accruing Interest and Charges:

By neglecting to address the debt, you risk allowing it to accumulate interest and additional charges over time.

This can make it even more challenging to repay the debt in the future.

Impact on Credit Score:

Ignoring a debt that you genuinely owe can negatively affect your credit score.

Unresolved debts can be reported to credit bureaus, which may negatively impact your creditworthiness and future borrowing opportunities.

Seeking Professional Help:

Instead of avoiding the situation, it is advisable to seek assistance from a debt expert or financial advisor.

They can help you navigate through the debt collection process, verify the debt, and find a suitable resolution.

Negotiating a Payment Plan:

Engaging with a debt expert allows you to negotiate a payment plan that fits your financial situation.

This can help you repay the debt in a manageable manner without further complications.

Remember, facing debts can be overwhelming, but there are better solutions than ignoring calls from debt collectors.

Seek professional help, verify the debt’s legitimacy, and work towards resolving the issue effectively to regain control of your financial situation.

Common Feedback on Phone Calls from 01246570500

It is no surprise that telephone number 01246570500 has a negative rating. Many classify it as a Nuisance Call, debt collector and Financial Services.

Here is some common feedback from people who have received calls from 01246570500 in the UK:

“UK Search Limited rang multiple times daily even after I reported it to the other debt collection agencies.”

“Total scam; I don’t have any debts, and UKSL rang me chasing for payments.”

“Scam even when you look them up on the UK search limited reviews. Blocked and reported.”

“Bombarded with calls from UK Search Limited with no debt letter presented. “

“Regular calls from 01246570500 claiming to be UKSL will affect my credit rating. Scammer, avoid”

“Called regularly for months and months, stopped for a fortnight and now calling again without offering me a suitable debt management plan.”

“Didn’t answer UK search debt calls; my phone said “potential fraud.”

“constant mither from UK Search Limited collect claiming they recover debts. Such harassment should be reported to the financial ombudsman service.”

“UK Search Limited won’t stop calling my phone.”

List of Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers in the UK

Here is an extensive list for your consideration. It’s crucial to have these numbers readily available to safeguard against scams.

Why is 01246570500 Calling?

If 01246570500 is calling you, it means your creditor has sold the debt you owe them to UK Search Limited Debt, and you have missed a payment.

In that case, they call to chase the debt.

Some of the debts you may owe for which UK Search Limited Debt will call you include:

UK Debt Solutions

You must first analyse your credit report and current debtors to understand all your debt solutions options.

Here are all the debt solutions companies available to you, depending on where you live in the UK.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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