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Facing debt collectors is a nightmare for people with outstanding unsecured debts in the UK You keep getting calls from different unfamiliar numbers that ring non-stop, causing a disturbance or any worries.

Most individuals have received missed calls from 01732280944, among other unidentified numbers, which is agonising.

According to our research, this number belongs to a debt-collecting company known as Cabot Financial.

You should consult a professional debt advisor and get free debt advice before communicating with individuals calling this number 01732280944, or any other debt collection agency.

Using our reverse phone number lookout tool, we have confirmed that +441732280944 is associated with Cabot Financial Debt Collection.

It is important to be cautious when receiving calls from this number.

Before receiving any call from 01732280944, or any debt collection agencies, familiarise yourself with the various debt solutions available.

can also consult debt advisors. They will help you make informed decisions regarding your financial situation.

Notably, you can take advantage of this since most of these debt recovery agents have already bought your debt, and you could legally eliminate up to 80% of your debt.

Information About 01732280944

Cabot Financial is responsible for numerous calls you have received from 01732280944. There have been several complaints reported regarding this number:

It is important to note that 01732280944 contacts individuals for debt recovery, including outstanding credit card bills, utility payments, parking fines, or council tax debts.

Worried About Calls from 01732280944

Numerous individuals have raised concerns about the phone number 01732280944, causing worry among many others.

However, it is crucial to know the available options before engaging with any bailiff or debt recovery agent.

We recommend that any debtor familiarise themselves with their rights if they deal with Cabot Financial.

Consider consulting a free debt advisor if you don’t know your rights or need advice on the available debt solutions.

These professionals can assist you in negotiating a good debt repayment plan. Some debt advisors can help you legally eliminate up to 85% of your debts, depending on your circumstances.

What Happens if You Ignore 01414577041?

Individuals should receive calls from 01732280944, whether they owe unsecured debts. It is important to note that debt collectors are persistent in collecting debts.

These individuals may continue to contact and harass you if you ignore them, even if you believe the debt does not belong to you.

Moreover, ignoring them can worsen the issue and lead to more severe consequences if you owe them.

It may cause them to take serious action against you, such as forwarding your debt to credit bureaus or taking legal action against you.

In addition, avoiding debts attracts more interest and charges that you can avoid if you find an affordable repayment plan for your debts.

Remember, you can take control of the situation by seeking assistance from a debt expert who will guide you on the best options for resolving the matter.

Feedback on Phone Calls

We have compiled feedback from individuals in the U.K. who have received phone calls from 01732280944. According to these reports, the callers identified themselves as Cabot Financial attempting to collect unsecured debt.

“Cabot Financial have been calling me severally demanding that I pay them for the debt recovery I demanded for their credit reference agencies, and nothing was provided.”

“They are scammers, and I don’t think they are doing the right way to recover debt. Unfortunately, they are constantly harassing me with their calls that I have money owed.”

“I have been receiving multiple calls daily from Cabot Financial debt solution, yet I don’t have any debt in my credit file.”

“Cabot Financial called saying that I need to pay unsecured debts. The company is a scam, they chase debts in a very unprofessional manner, I don’t owe money.”

“The individuals calling claiming to be Cabot Financial rudely handle their calls. They purchase debts and don’t understand the credit commitments or payment plan people have in place.”

“Cabot Financial called daily asking for another person. They are scammers, and you should avoid them.”

“I am fed up with these constant bothersome calls from Cabot Financial.”

“I’m sick and tired of receiving frequent calls from people claiming to be from Cabot Financial.”

Based on this feedback, phone number 01732280944 has received a negative rating.

The phone number is commonly categorised as a debt collector, financial services provider, and nuisance call source.

Why is 01732280944 Calling?

You may receive a call from a representative of Cabot Financial using the phone number 01732280944, asking you to repay outstanding debts that you owe some of their clients.

These debts may include:

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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