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If you have received a missed call from this number lately, 01204913161, then we are sure you must be curious about who it is.

When checking our records, 01204913161 is associated with Citizens Helpline, a debt collection agency that attempts to collect unsecured debts from you.

Missed calls from 01204913161 should be handled with care, and try and get some confidential advice from a well-known local age UK debt agency.

Before taking any calls from 01204913161, speak with a debt specialist.

Citizens Helpline is identified as the +441204913161-phone number by the reverse phone number lookup tool.

Before returning any calls to 01204913161, you must understand the numerous debt alternatives available. Many debt collection agencies have purchased your debt, and you may be able to write off up to 80% of your bills lawfully.

Details About 01204913161

The people who have phoned you from 01204913161 are Citizen Helpline. Complaints have been filed from this number for:

01204913161 will contact you to collect debt for credit cards, utility bills, parking tickets, or council tax debt.

Concerned About 01204913161 Calls?

Because users have reported this 01204913161 phone number, many others are concerned. However, you should know your options before interacting with any bailiff or debt recovery agent.

If you are being pursued by +441204913161 in the United Kingdom, you should be aware of all your legal options.

We strongly encourage that before interacting with debt collectors, you speak with a free debt expert who can advise you on your options. Some debt counsellors can help legally discharge 85% of your debts if you qualify.

How Does Information About You Get Obtained By Debt Collectors?

When you owe money to a creditor, they may choose to sell the debt. After that, the collection agency must try to get the debt paid off.

Your creditor will likely provide the collection agency with some of your personally identifiable information, such as your address and phone number so that they can contact you.

They may also search the internet to get your most recent contact information if this information needs to be more accurate.

If a debt collector acquired your data from the original creditor, they will have your details, such as where you reside, the amount of money you owe, and the company you owe money to in the first place.

If you are working with professional debt collectors, they should be fine discussing the details of your debt with you.

What If You Disregard 01204913161?

Ignoring 01204913161, regardless of the circumstances, is never a wise choice.

Ignoring them will not prevent them from contacting you, even if you believe the debt is not yours to pay. If the debt is yours to pay, ignoring the debt collectors worsens matters.

This may give them a pretext to take more serious action against you. It might also raise your existing debt by adding interest and other fees.

It is best to take charge of the situation, seek aid from a debt specialist, and resolve the issue.

Responses To Phone Calls

Here is some feedback from people who have received phone calls from 01204913161 in the United Kingdom.

“Citizens Helpline wanted to be paid money to recover debts using the British sign language, I tried to get in touch with the helpline adviser but not assistance was offered.”

“I don’t have any debts, and Citizens Helpline called me chasing for payments even on bank holidays, I don’t even understand how they got my contact details within my local area.”

“Asked for my wife by name, but on my phone, it said she had outstanding debts from Relay UK, but she has no debts and does not even own a credit card. We immediately consulted free advice plus additional support on the best way to handle this situation.”

“Scam, they have been calling from Monday to Friday and been sending messages through text relay. Blocking and reporting.”

“I called 01204913161, and it just said Citizens Helpline open Monday to Friday; press 1 if available for citizens advice and still haven’t gotten any assistance from the company.”

“Citizens helpline is becoming too much of late. It has become very annoying.”

“Scammer, avoid”

“Citizens Helpline scam phone call demanding payment for unsecured debts”

“Didn’t answer, my phone stated “possible fraud.”

“Citizens Helpline are debt collectors who call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and scammers who keep calling me for someone else.”

“Citizens Helpline employees are rude when they call.”

The phone number 01204913161 has a low rating. This phone number is commonly associated with debt collectors, financial services, and nuisance calls.

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What Is The Deal With 01204913161?

Citizens Helpline phones you at +441204913161 to pursue debts you may owe. Among the debts owed are:

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