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Having debts is common, especially in this current financial life and inflation, and many individuals cannot repay their debts on time.

In that case, debt defaulters need to understand their rights and debt solutions when dealing with debt collectors.

If you recently received a missed call from 01782401125 and are wondering who they are, we can help.

Based on our reports, we have identified 01782401125 as being associated with Advantis Debt Collection.

This company specialises in recovering unsecured debts, and it is advisable to approach missed calls from this number cautiously.

Before receiving any calls from 01782401125, we recommend seeking the guidance of a knowledgeable debt advisor who can provide you with information on your options.

Our reverse phone number lookout tool confirms that +441782401125 belongs to Advantis Debt Collection.

To fully understand your debt situation and explore all possible solutions, we encourage you to research and familiarise yourself with the various debt relief options available before returning calls to 01782401125 or any other debt collection agency.

You may be eligible to legally write off about 80% of your debts, as many debt recovery companies may have acquired your debt.

Information about 01782401125

This contact number, 01782401125, is associated with Advantis Debt Collection.

There have been several complaints regarding harassment, text message spam, and the receipt of fake court letters from this number.

Calls from 01782401125 are typically made to collect debt related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax.

Worried About Calls From 01782401125

Many users have raised concerns about receiving calls from the phone number 01782401125, causing worry for many people.

These calls can be alarming and leave individuals uncertain about handling the situation. However, before contacting any debt recovery company, it is crucial to know the debt recovery options available to negotiate your payment.

By understanding your options, you can confidently approach the conversation and make informed decisions about your financial situation.

In addition to familiarising yourself with debt recovery options, it is equally essential to be aware of your rights as a consumer when receiving calls from +441782401125.

It will help you assert your position and protect yourself from harassment or unjust treatment by debt collectors.

Contacting debt advisors can be invaluable if you need help navigating the conversation or require further guidance.

Debt advisors are experienced professionals who can assist in understanding your options and determining the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

They possess the knowledge and resources to help you create a plan that may even legally eliminate a significant portion of your debts, potentially up to 85%, provided you meet specific requirements.

What happens if you ignore 01782401125?

It is crucial to address calls from 01782401125, regardless of the situation. Ignoring these calls does not prevent further attempts to contact you, even if you believe the debt is not your responsibility.

Failing to acknowledge debt collectors can result in more severe repercussions. They may take escalated actions against you, exacerbating the issue at hand. Moreover, interest and fees could be added, further increasing your financial burden.

To effectively manage this situation, it is advisable to take charge and seek assistance from a debt specialist who can help you navigate and resolve these challenges.

Feedback on Phone Calls

Below are some comments from individuals in the U.K. who have received calls from 01782401125.

“I received a call from Advantis Debt Collection requesting payment to recover outstanding debts but they are not offering any debt solution even when I owe money. I feel the credit services association should put in place better regulations.”

“These callers from Advantis debt collectors constantly harass and try to scam me stating they are a debt collection company. I am not sure if this is how the advantis credit team should be operating.”

“They asked for my wife by name but called my phone saying she has unpaid debts, even though she has no debts or credit cards. They keep demanding that she contact advantis debt collection before they forward it to the county court judgement with her credit file.”

“Advantis Debt Collection is pursuing a debt that is ten years old…add this number to your list of calls to avoid answering. The financial ombudsman service needs to check them out and see if the Advantis debt collection agency is actually registered.”

“I received a scam call from Advantis credit ltd demanding payment for unpaid debt. I need to find the best debt solution from debt specialists because these debt collection agencies are getting out of hand.”

“Advantis Debt Collection keeps calling me 24/7 every day, looking for someone else. Advantis collect debt but i think they are more of scammers because I have no tax credit overpayments that are due.”

“When Advantis calls, they provide rude customer service as financial services.”

This phone number, 01782401125, has a negative rating.

Based on feedback, this phone number is primarily associated with debt collection and financial services and is categorised as a nuisance call.

List of Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

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Why is 01782401125 Calling?

Advantis Debt Collection is contacting you from the phone number +4401782401125 to pursue any outstanding debts you may have.

These debts may include credit card balances, overdraft fees, council tax arrears, utility bill payments, or parking fines.

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