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If you received a missed call from 01482590502 and are curious about the caller’s identity, it is essential to approach the situation with caution.

Our records indicate that 01482590502 belongs to Wescot Credit Services Limited, a debt collection agency focused on retrieving unsecured debts. We advise consulting with a specialist debt advisor before answering calls from this phone.

The reverse phone number lookup tool confirms that +441482590502 is associated with Wescot Credit Services Debt Ltd.

Before returning any calls to 01482590502, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the various debt solutions available.

Many debt recovery companies may have purchased your outstanding debts, and you might be eligible for legally writing off a significant portion of your debts up to 80%.

Information About 01482590502

Recently, numerous complaints have flooded in regarding unsolicited calls from 01482590502, associated with Westcot Credit Services Ltd.

These grievances encompass a range of issues, such as reports of relentless harassment, spamming of text messages, and even instances of individuals receiving counterfeit court letters sent by Wescot Credit Services Ltd.

Such complaints have raised serious concerns and have caused distress among those affected.

Notably, calls from this number usually aim to recover debt related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debts.

Worried About Calls from 01482590502

Users have raised numerous reports and concerns regarding the phone number 01482590502.

These reports indicate that the number belongs to a bailiff or debt recovery agent, which has led to increased caution and unease among those who have come into contact with it.

Individuals in such situations need to be well-informed about their options before proceeding with any interactions.

If you are pursued by this number +441482590502 in the U.K., it is crucial to understand your rights and take appropriate action.

We strongly recommend seeking guidance from a debt advisor who can provide valuable assistance and advice free of charge.

In fact, in some instances, qualified debt advisors may even assist you in legally writing off a significant portion of your debts, up to 85%.

Therefore, seeking professional help before engaging with any debt recovery agent is essential to ensure your rights are protected and the best possible outcome is achieved.

What Happens if You Ignore 01482590502?

When receiving any communication from the number 01482590502, it is of utmost importance to take it seriously and address it promptly, regardless of the circumstances.

Ignoring their attempts to contact you may not deter them from persisting, even if you firmly believe the debt is not your responsibility.

Avoiding debt collectors can worsen the situation and potentially lead to more severe actions being taken against you.

You also risk accumulating additional charges and interest on the existing debt. It can significantly exacerbate the financial burden you are already facing.

Therefore, taking control of the situation is crucial to seeking guidance from a debt expert and resolving the matter as soon as possible.

By taking proactive steps to address the situation, you demonstrate responsible financial behaviour and increase your chances of finding a suitable resolution that suits your needs and circumstances.

Feedback on Phone Calls

Here are some testimonials from individuals in the U.K. who have received phone calls from 01482590502.

“I received a call from Wescot credit services collect requesting payment for outstanding debts, I don’t understand how debt collection agencies can have such power in harassing me.”

“Wescot Credit Services Ltd constantly harassed and scammed me, they kept calling saying I should contact Wescot credit services without offering a debt solution.”

“Wescot is an extremely persistent and bothersome company! I don’t think this is a legitimate debt collection agency and the county court judgement should look into them. But can Wescot credit services harass you this much?”

“I am continuously bombarded with daily calls claiming I owe money, bordering on harassment. i don’t think anyone should pay Wescot credit services without receiving a debt letter from them.”

“Almost daily, I receive unfriendly phone calls from Wescot Credit Services, I have mentioned this to the county court judgement about the harassment I get from this debt recovery company..”

“The caller from Wescot debt collectors is harassing and leaving automated voicemails that my credit file needs attention. This debt collection company causes havoc. The financial ombudsman service should or the credit services association should check this company.”

“Wescot Credit Services Ltd refuses to stop bothering me! They call incessantly I am not sure if this is how debt collection companies are meant to operate even on behalf of a credit card company.”

Based on the numerous negative reviews from users, the phone number 01482590502 has received negative feedback.

This number is primarily associated with debt collection, financial services, and nuisance calls.

Why is 01482590502 Calling?

You may receive a call from Wescot Credit Services Contact Ltd at +441482590502 regarding any outstanding debts you may have.

These debts could include credit card debts, overdrafts, council tax debt, utility bills, or parking fines. Please be aware that this is a professional debt collection agency reaching out to address these matters with you.

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A comprehensive understanding of the various available debt solutions is crucial when examining your credit report and current debtors.

By delving into the different options, you can effectively make informed decisions about managing your debts.

It is important to remember that these debt solutions’ appropriateness depends on your circumstances, so seeking advice from a financial expert is always recommended.

The following are the debt solutions that are accessible based on your location in the UK.

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