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This information is for you if you have received a call from 01244825045 and wish to know who it is.

From our reports, 01244825045 calls originate from MBNA Debt Collectors and seek repayment from you for a debt you owe or if you have any late payments on your credit file.

Treat calls from 01244825045 with caution and only accept them once you have sought advice from a debt expert on debt solutions available.

If you look up 01244825045 on the reverse phone number lookout tool, you discover it belongs to MBNA Debt Collectors.

Only receive this call once you obtain advice from a specialist debt advisor on your debt solution options. Having your debt bought by debt collection companies sometimes legally entitles you to a write-off of up to 80%.

Information about 01244825045

Calls from 01244825045 come from MBNA Debt Collectors, who are calling to chase a debt you owe.

MBNA Debt Collectors collect unsecured personal debt, including credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, and council tax debt.

However, MBNA Debt Collector’s manner of chasing debt is very distressing, which has led to many complaints against it:

Are you Worried about Calls from 01244825045?

Though the non-stop calls from 01244825045 are very distressing, only be tempted to return them after consulting with a debt advisor about your options.

Under UK law, you have rights even as a debtor being chased by a debt collector. You want to know your rights before engaging with MBNA Debt Collectors.

Speak to a debt advisor for free to know your rights and explore your options. If you qualify, your debt advisor may help you legally write off up to 85% of your debt.

How to deal with debt collectors

Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful, but handling the situation responsibly is crucial. Here are some steps to manage interactions with debt collectors:

Remember to prioritise your financial well-being and protect yourself from scams while asserting your rights during interactions with debt collectors.

What Happens if You Ignore Calls from 01244825045?

You may be tempted to ignore the incessant calls from 01244825045, hoping they will stop, especially if you are sure you owe no debt.

Often this is a bad idea; for one, that alone is not likely to stop the calls.

Secondly, if indeed you have a debt, it may make your situation worse.

The debt collection company may interpret your avoidance as an intention to default and opt to take more decisive action. This may include legal action.

Likely, avoiding calls from 01244825045 may work to increase your debt through more interest and additional charges.

It is better to seek the assistance of a debt advisor to deal with the situation conclusively.

Common Feedback on 01244825045 Phone Calls

Unsurprisingly, reviewers give the phone number 01244825045 a negative rating and mostly categorise it as nuisance calls, debt collectors and financial services.

Common feedbacks to calls from 01244825045 include:

“MBNA called several times mon fri 8am cleaiming they wanted to be paid money to recover debts from my account.”

“Total scam they call mon fri 8am 8pm threatening me to pay; I don’t have any debts, and MBNA Debt Collectors rang me chasing for payments.”

“Asked for my wife by name but on my phone saying she had outstanding debts but doesn’t have any debts or even own a credit card.”

“Scam. How do they call 8am 8pm and sat for a loan balance I don’t have. Blocked and reported.”

“01244825045 phoned and just said MBNA needs me to repay loans.”

“Scammer, avoid they will keep calling your 8pm and sat 8am. Contact a debtor before calling them back and if you cant afford one there are several free consultants ready to help before paying anything.”

“Scam phone call from MBNA Debt Collectors claim to be paid for unsecured debts.”

“Didn’t answer; my phone said, “potential fraud.”

“MBNA is Debt collectors who ring 24/7 daily, and scammers keep ringing me for somebody else.”

“MBNA Debt Collectors are rude when they call.”

 List of Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a comprehensive list for your review. Ensuring these numbers are readily available is essential for protecting yourself against scams.

Why is 01244825045 Calling?

MBNA Debt Collectors is a debt collection company. If they call you, they have purchased your debt from your creditor and are seeking to recover.

The types of unsecured personal debts MBNA deals with include:

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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