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Based on available information, the number 01133204573 is associated with Opos Limited Debt Collection Company, a company specialising in collecting unsecured debts. It is advisable to approach missed calls from this number with caution.

You should consult a debt advisor with expertise in this field before answering any calls from the debt collection agency 01133204573. A reverse phone number lookup tool has determined that the telephone number +441133204573 is linked to Opos Limited Debt Collection.

If you intend to return a call to 01133204573, you must clearly understand the different debt solutions available to you from debt collection agencies.

Many debt collection companies may have acquired your debt, and you might have the opportunity to legally eliminate up to 80% of your debts through appropriate channels.

Information on the number

The phone number 01133204573 is associated with Opos Limited Debt Recovery company.

Complaints have been lodged regarding various issues related to this number, including harassment without a debt letter, text message spam without offering a debt solution, and fake court letters to owe money from Opos Limited Debt Collection.

If you receive a call from 01133204573, they are likely attempting to recover debts related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debt.

It is essential to handle such calls cautiously and seek appropriate advice or assistance when dealing with debt collection matters.

Concerns Arising from Calls Received from 01133204573

Numerous individuals have expressed their worries regarding the phone number 01133204573, as it has caused distress among many recipients.

However, being well-informed about the available options is crucial before engaging with bailiffs or debt recovery agents.

If you find yourself being pursued by the number +441133204573 within the United Kingdom, it is essential to understand your rights thoroughly and get assistance from a credit services association on the way forward.

We strongly recommend that, before engaging with debt collectors, you seek the guidance of a debt advisor who can provide free assistance and inform you about the solutions at your disposal.

Qualified debt advisors can sometimes help you legally write off up to 85% of your debts, provided you meet the necessary criteria.

The Consequences of Ignoring Calls from 01133204573

Regardless of the situation, it is strongly advised not to disregard calls from 01133204573.

Opting to ignore these calls will not deter them from making further attempts to contact you, even if you believe that the debt they are referencing is not your liability.

If the debt is, in fact, yours, neglecting the debt collectors can escalate the issue.

This may grant them the justification to pursue more severe measures against you

Feedback on the phone calls

Reed, the following feedback from individuals in the UK who have received several phone calls from 01133204573:

“I have received five calls daily from Opos Limited Debt Collection, even after reporting them to the county court judgement.”

“It’s a complete scam claiming I have payday loans. I don’t owe any debts, yet Opos Limited Debt Collection keeps calling me for payments.”

“Opos keeps calling me from various numbers to collect debts, including this one.”

“I had to block them. Opos keeps calling incessantly and causing a nuisance saying I have a list of debts owed.”

“I consistently receive calls from 01133204573 claiming I have existing unsecured debt, with the caller claiming to be Opos Debt Collection. It’s a scammer, so it’s best to avoid them.”

“They called me regularly for months, then stopped for a couple of weeks, and now they’re calling again insisting on the debt collection services they have been contracted.”

“When I called Opos back, they refused to disclose their identity or explain the purpose of any outstanding debt they claim I have.”

“I am constantly bothered throughout the day by Opos Collection on my credit file.”

“Opos Limited Debt Collection won’t stop calling me!”

The phone number 01133204573 has received a negative rating based on this feedback.

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Why is the number calling me?

The reason behind the calls from 01133204573 is that Opos Limited Debt Collection is attempting to contact you regarding outstanding debts that you may owe.

The debts they are pursuing might encompass various categories, such as:

UK Debt Solutions

When reviewing your current credit report and existing debts, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the various debt solutions that are accessible to you.

Here are the available debt solutions based on your location in the UK.

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