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Have you received a missed call from the number 01132735400, and your curious to know who it is? Please be cautious; this number is associated with eBay Debt Collection agency, which collects unsecured debts.

It is advisable to consult with a debt advisor specialist before answering calls from this number, as they can guide how to handle the situation.

The reverse phone number lookup tool confirms that +441132735400 belongs to eBay account Debt Collectors. Before returning any calls to 01132735400, you must familiarise yourself with the different solutions available and what a debt collection company can do.

It’s worth noting that many debt recovery companies have purchased your debt, and you may have the opportunity to legally write off up to 80% of your outstanding debts.

More information on the number

The number 01132735400 belongs to eBay Debt Collection agency, and there have been complaints about their activities.

Some reported issues associated with this number include harassment, spam text messages claiming to be from eBay, and receiving fake court letters.

Calls from 01132735400 are typically made to recover debts related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax debt. It is essential to be aware of these potential issues when receiving calls from this number.

Before speaking to an eBay Debt Collector, it’s important to take a few steps to ensure you are prepared:

Consult with a debt advisor: It is advisable to seek guidance from a specialist debt advisor before answering calls from 01132735400. They can provide valuable insights on handling the situation and offer advice tailored to your circumstances.

Familiarise yourself with available debt solutions: Before returning any calls to 01132735400, you must educate yourself about the available debt solutions. Understanding your options will help you make informed decisions about addressing your outstanding debts.

Be aware of potential issues: There have been complaints regarding activities associated with the number 01132735400. These include reports of harassment, spam text messages claiming to be from eBay, and receiving fake court letters. When receiving calls from this number, being cautious and aware of these potential issues is essential.

Ignoring calls from debt collectors, especially if the debt is valid, is not recommended. Ignoring them will not make the debt go away, and it can lead to more serious consequences, such as additional charges and increased debt.

Seeking assistance from a debt expert can help you navigate the situation more effectively and explore options for resolving your debts, including legally writing off a significant portion of your outstanding debts.

It’s important to note that feedback from people who have received calls from 01132735400 indicates a negative rating for this phone number. Complaints include reports of harassment, scams, and constant calling, categorizing it as a nuisance call associated with debt collection and financial services.

Worried about calls from this number

There is growing concern among users regarding calls from the phone number 01132735400. Many individuals have expressed worry and uncertainty about these calls.

Being well-informed about your options is crucial before engaging with any bailiffs or debt recovery agents. Understanding your rights is essential if you are being pursued by the UK number +441132735400. We highly recommend consulting a debt advisor for free, who can guide the solutions that may apply to your situation.

By seeking assistance from a debt advisor, you may discover potential avenues for legally writing off up to 85% of your debts, provided you meet the necessary qualifications. This step can help you navigate the situation more effectively and make informed decisions regarding your debt.

What happens when you ignore the calls?

Ignoring calls from 01132735400 is not recommended under any circumstances.

Disregarding their attempts to contact you will not prevent them from continuing their efforts, even if you believe the debt is not your responsibility.

If the debt is yours, ignoring the debt collectors can exacerbate the problem.

Neglecting to address the situation grounds them to take more severe actions against you. Additionally, it may result in additional charges and interest on the existing debt.

To effectively manage the situation, taking control and seeking assistance from a debt expert is advisable. They can provide guidance and help you navigate the process of resolving debt-related issues.

Feedback from the phone calls

People in the UK who have received phone calls from 01132735400 have provided the following feedback:

“eBay Collections called and demanded payment for debt recovery though my bank account and threatened my credit rating.”

“Constant harassment and scams from eBay Debt Collectors about my Paypal account.”

“A completely harassing company imposing seller fees!”

“Receiving calls at all hours of the day, nothing short of harassment even to collect debts.”

“I receive calls almost daily from eBay Debt Collection agencies, and they are quite unfriendly on the phone.”

“Harassing caller, leaving automated voicemails through credit bureaus.”

“They won’t stop bothering me! They keep calling all the time.”

Based on the feedback, phone number 01132735400 has received a negative rating. This number is primarily associated with debt collection, finance services and is categorised as a nuisance call.

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Understanding the Purpose of Calls from 01132735400

The purpose of the calls you receive from 01132735400 is related to debt collection activities conducted by eBay Debt Collectors. They are contacting you regarding any outstanding debts you may have. These debts can include various types, such as:

Responding to these calls and engaging with debt collectors is essential to manage your financial obligations effectively. By doing so, you can initiate discussions and work towards resolving any outstanding debts you may owe.

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