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Based on our research, the phone number 01133508520 is linked to IMFS Debt Collection, a reputable debt collection agency.

If you receive calls from this number that you cannot answer, it is advisable to approach them with caution.

We recommend consulting with a debt counsellor who can offer impartial money advice before answering or ignoring calls from 01133508520.

If you are experiencing difficulties in meeting your debt payments and are facing severe financial challenges, seeking assistance from a credit management company can be beneficial.

IMFS Debt Collection is a respected company that provides various debt management services for individuals and businesses.

After conducting a reverse phone lookup, we have determined that the number +441133508520belongs to IMFS Debt Collection.

However, before returning the call to the number (0113) 487 0430, you must familiarise yourself with the available options to address your debt situation.

It is worth noting that many debt recovery organisations acquire debts, which means you may qualify to have up to 80% of your obligations legally written off.

More information about the number

The phone number 01133508520 is associated with IMFS Debt Collection, a company that has received complaints about various issues, such as:

If you have unpaid debts related to credit cards, energy bills, parking tickets, or council tax, you will likely receive contact from 01133508520 to collect the outstanding amount.

 Worried about calls from this number?

The number 01133508520 has generated numerous distressing call reports, causing significant public concern.

However, it is essential to cautiously approach interactions with bailiffs or debt collectors and seek professional advice.

Understanding your legal rights is crucial, especially if you face harassment from the number +441133508520within the United Kingdom.

In such circumstances, seeking guidance from a free debt counsellor is recommended.

They can provide valuable assistance in evaluating your options and determining the most appropriate steps to take when dealing with debt collectors.

Working with a debt counsellor may even substantially reduce your obligations, up to 85%, through legal forgiveness.

Should You Ignore Calls From This Number?

Debt collection agencies are recognised for their unwavering commitment to collecting payments, whether representing a client or having acquired the debt.

Disregarding their communications can result in repercussions, such as persistent and intimidating phone calls, messages, and mail, along with the potential for legal action and additional costs.

They may escalate their efforts by sending threatening letters and serving a Letter before Action (LBA) to inform you of their intent to initiate legal proceedings formally.

Acknowledging and responding to communications from 01133508520 is essential, regardless of the circumstances.

Ignoring them will not lead to them ceasing their contact, and disregarding debt collectors based on the belief that you are not responsible for the obligation can result in more significant complications.

Their interpretation of your lack of response might provide grounds for them to pursue more aggressive actions, potentially increasing interest and other expenses associated with your debt, thus worsening the situation.

Taking control of the issue, seeking guidance from a debt specialist, and actively working toward a resolution are the recommended steps to address the problem effectively.

Helpful Feedback

The phone number 01133508520 has received negative feedback from individuals in the UK who have encountered calls from this number. Here are some examples of the input:

“IMFS rang multiple times every day even after I reported it, claiming I have unsecured debts and need to pay IMFS debt collection company immediately.”

“Total scam; I don’t have any debts, and IMFS Debt Collectors rang me chasing for payments.”

“Scam. Blocked and reported. Them to the financial conduct authority, this is no debt solution company.”

“Bombarded with calls from IMFS demanding to contact IMFS debt collection to improve my credit rating.”

“Regular calls from 01133508520 claiming to be IMFS Debt Collection with my credit report. Scammer, avoid.”

“Called regularly for months and months, stopped for a fortnight, and now calling again they need to be reported to the financial services sector for harassment.”

“Didn’t answer. My phone said, ‘Potential fraud. My financial situation is top-notch. I don’t understand why they are calling for debt repayments.”

“Constant bother from IMFS Debt Collection and debt charities claiming they offer improved financial solutions.”

“IMFS won’t stop calling my phone claiming they are collection consumer debt on utility bills and that I need to commit to monthly payments.”

Based on the feedback, the phone number 01133508520 has been assigned a negative rating.

Numbers for Bailiffs and Debt Collectors

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Why Is This Number Calling Me?

If you are receiving calls from +441134870430, IMFS Debt Collection is likely trying to contact you regarding a debt. The debts they may be pursuing payment for can include the following:

UK Debt Solutions

Individuals have access to various debt relief options tailored to different regions.

These options aim to assist in the management and reduction of debts.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

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