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Are you curious about a missed call you received from 01513054958?

If you want to learn more about a missed call you received from 01513054958, it is associated with Debt & Revenue Services Collectors.

This particular company focuses on collecting unsecured debts. It is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with missed calls from this number.

We highly recommend seeking guidance from a debt advisor before engaging with any calls originating from 01513054958. It will be helpful to consult with a debt advisor to guide you on handling the matter.

Information About 01513054958

Based on our research, the phone number 01513054958 belongs to Debt & Revenue Services and is commonly used in debt collection.

Ensure you are cautious when dealing with that number, especially if you owe money since there are a lot of cases that users have reported. The complaints include receiving spam text messages, harassment, and fake court letters from Debt & Revenue Services.

It is important to note that calls from 01513054958 typically pertain to debt recovery related to utility bills, credit cards, parking fines, or council tax debt.

Worried About Calls from 01513054958

Many users have expressed concerns about the frequency of receiving calls from the phone number 01513054958, a debt collection agency, which has caused worry and unease for many people.

It is essential to be well-informed about the various options available before entertaining the idea of contacting any debt recovery company.

Good knowledge and understanding of the repayment plan will help you select an affordable one. Moreover, you must familiarise yourself with your rights if you receive calls from +441513054958.

By familiarising yourself with your rights, you can confidently navigate conversations with debt recovery agencies and assertively advocate for yourself.

When unsure what to do, seeking guidance from debt advisors is highly recommended. These professionals can guide you through creating an affordable repayment plan that suits your financial capabilities and helps you regain financial stability.

Depending on your specific situation and eligibility, some debt advisors may even offer assistance in legally eliminating a significant portion of your debts, up to 85%, provided you meet specific requirements.

This support can immensely benefit, offering financial relief and a roadmap towards a more secure financial future.

What Happens if You Ignore 01513054958?

Ignoring calls from 01513054958 is strongly discouraged, regardless of the circumstances. Ensure you always answer their calls even when you are confident you have no debt.

It will help in preventing the annoyance of repeated calls. Additionally, ignoring their calls may lead to more severe consequences if you have an outstanding debt.

The organisation may be compelled to take stricter actions against you to recover the debt.

Thus, it could result in the escalation of your existing debt. Interest charges and extra fees may be added, further exacerbating your financial burden.

Therefore, it is crucial to seek help from debt advisors. By facing your debt challenges head-on, you can address the issue appropriately and resolve it more efficiently, ensuring a faster resolution to your financial predicament.

Feedback on Phone Calls

You can check the following feedback that we received from individuals in the U.K. who have had the experience of receiving phone calls from 01513054958

“I have been contacted by numerous times, even after reporting it to the authorising body of debt collection agencies. It has become quite intrusive for a debt collection agent to call this much for payday loans.”

“It is a complete scam. I don’t owe any debts, and wont take any further action as they demand yet I constantly receive calls from Debt & Revenue Services demanding payments.”

“This is a scam. I blocked the number and reported it. I have been experience financial hardship so wouldn’t take up a loan to make it worse. I actually for a debt relief order I don’t understand why they would call.”

“These constant calls are bothering me. I have no personal debts and I am not facing financial hardship to have money owed. Thankfully, I have blocked the number now.”

“I have been repeatedly contacted by 01513054958 claiming to be Debt & Revenue Services and are collecting debts. They are scammers that you need to avoid engaging as most debts have already been cleared.”

“For months on end, I received regular calls from this number stating they have my standard financial statement. They stopped for a short period but have now resumed again stating I have other debts.”

“I didn’t answer the call because my phone identified it as potential fraud. I dont have disposable income to waste on these scammers.”

“Debt & Revenue Services constantly hassle me with their calls. I got the best citizens advice, to get the best legal action or court action to keep them at bay.”

“My phone won’t stop ringing due to Debt & Revenue Service’s relentless calling.”

Based on this feedback, 01513054958 has received negative ratings. It is commonly associated with debt collection and financial services and is a nuisance call.

Why is 01513054958 Calling?

If you have received any missed calls from +441513054958, Debt & Revenue Services is trying to contact you for your outstanding debts.

They include:

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