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Facing debt and debt collectors can be daunting, but avoiding the issue will not make it disappear. Most people have received a call from 01473372212 and may wonder who they are.

Don’t worry. Here is all the information about that phone number.

According to our reports, the phone number 01473372212 is associated with United Kash LTD. They are responsible for collecting unsecured debts.

It’s essential to approach missed calls from this number with caution. We recommend consulting with a specialised debt advisor before answering calls from 01473372212.

Use the reverse phone number lookup tool to confirm that 01473372212 is registered as United Kash LTD.

Before returning any calls to 01473372212, you need to know the various debt solutions available.

Many debt recovery companies have purchased your outstanding debts, which means you may be eligible to legally write off a significant portion, up to 80%, of what you owe.

Information About 01473372212

There has been a surge in complaints from individuals who have received calls from the number 01473372212, which is associated with United Kash LTD.

These complaints indicate a troubling pattern, encompassing various forms of harassment on unpaid payday loans, unsolicited text message spam, and even instances where unsuspecting victims have received fraudulent court letters falsely claiming to be from United Kash LTD.

It has caused a lot of stress among those who have fallen victim.

Worried About Calls from 01473372212

Multiple individuals have expressed concerns regarding the 01473372212 phone number, causing worry among many users.

However, it is crucial to understand the available solutions before engaging with any bailiff or debt recovery agent.

If you find yourself being pursued by +4401473372212 in the U.K., you must be well informed about your rights.

We recommend seeking guidance from a debt advisor who can provide free assistance and advise you on potential solutions before communicating with debt collectors.

Under certain circumstances, some debt advisors may even assist you in legally eliminating up to 85% of your outstanding debts, provided you meet the criteria.

Please note that 01473372212 might contact you for debt retrieval related to credit cards, utility bills, parking fines, or council tax arrears.

What Happens if You Ignore 01473372212?

Neglecting a call from 01473372212 can have serious consequences. Ignoring these calls will not prevent further attempts to contact you, even if you believe the debt is not your responsibility.

Failing to acknowledge and address a debt that rightfully belongs to you can give these collectors valid grounds to take more severe actions against you.

Neglecting the debt can also result in additional interest and charges added to the amount you owe them.

Nevertheless, you can decide to change the situation and regain control. You can mitigate the adverse outcomes by effectively managing the situation and seeking assistance. Seeking advice from an experienced debt advisor is an excellent approach to finding an affordable repayment plan that suits your financial capability.

With their guidance, you can establish a structured and manageable strategy to clear your debt while avoiding the potentially severe consequences.

Feedback on Phone Calls

Here are some testimonials from individuals in the U.K. who have received calls from 01473372212.

“Despite reporting it to the financial ombudsman service on my payday loan, I have received numerous calls from United Kash LTD throughout the day. It has become extremely frustrating to get this irresponsible lending package.”

“I am constantly bothered by United Kash LTD about debts and my credit file, which has caused me great stress in clearing the loan amount.”

“United Kash LTD is persistently calling me from various numbers, including this one. What I don’t understand is how they got my bank statements and bank account; I don’t think this is legal.”

“After having to block their number, United Kash Ltd continues to call incessantly and cause inconvenience. I have finally gotten the credit reference agencies and am ready to report them for threatening my credit agreement.”

“For months, I received regular calls from 01473372212 claiming to be United Kash LTD. They are scammers because I don’t owe money; please avoid them as I have no alleged debt.”

“They called me endlessly for months, then stopped for a short period, only to start calling again recently. It is clear they don’t do the appropriate credit checks as they would have seen my financial situation has not other debts to be cleared.”

“When I called back United Kash LTD, they refused to disclose their identity or provide information about their activities. I have been in the same boat with another company that sold the debt, but these guys didn’t even offer a final response letter. Very unprofessional, working like loan sharks.”

“Throughout the day, I am constantly bothered by United Kash LTD. It’s becoming unbearable.”

“No matter what I do, United Kash Ltd won’t stop calling me, and I already got my settlement offer!”

The phone number 01473372212 has been given a negative rating.

Please note that this phone number is commonly associated with debt collection services, financial services, and nuisance calls.

List of Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Here is a detailed list of contact numbers for debt collectors and bailiffs in the United Kingdom.

Why is 01473372212 Calling?

You have received a call from United Kash LTD at +441473372212 regarding outstanding debts that may be owed.

These debts could include credit card debts, overdrafts, priority bills, council tax debt, utility bills, and parking fines.

U.K. Debt Solutions

It is recommended to thoroughly analyse your credit report and current debtors to fully understand the available debt solutions.

Here is a comprehensive list of the available debt solutions based on your location in the UK.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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