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01246488923 – Get Advice Before Speaking to UK Search Limited Debt (UKSL)

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Meeting payment obligations has seriously strained many families, leading to defaults on various accounts. If you, too, have experienced this situation, you might have received a missed call from the number 01246488923, and we understand your curiosity to identify the caller.

According to our reports, 01246488923 belongs to UK Search Limited Debt (UKSL), they are debt collectors specialising in collecting unsecured personal debt. Treat missed calls from 01246488923 with caution and explore your debt solutions with a debt expert before accepting calls from 01246488923 or pay UK Search Limited.

The reverse phone number lookup tool indicates that 01246488923 belongs to the debt collector UK Search Limited Debt.

Only engage with UKSL debt collection agency after you have spoken to a debt advisor and explored all the debt solutions at your disposal.

When a debt collector buys your debt, you could be entitled to write off up to 80% of the debt by law.

Information about 01246488923

The telephone number 01246488923 belongs to UK Search Limited Debt, a debt collection company.

Typically, UKSL deals with personal debt such as credit cards, utility bills, parking fines and council tax debt.

Many complaints have been raised over UKSL’s manner of contacting people through 01246488923, particularly for:

Are you worried about calls from 01246488923?

Often, calls from 01246488923 are non-stop and leave you with much anxiety, but do not give in and speak to a bailiff or debt recovery agent before you have consulted a debt advisor.

Even if you are being chased by 01246488923 for debts in the UK, you still have rights. A debt consultant will help you know what these rights are. Seek assistance from a debt advisor for free.

Some debt advisors may even help you legally write off up to 85% of your debt if you qualify.

What happens if you ignore 01246488923?

Calls from 01246488923 can be bothersome, but brushing them aside is not a wise approach, regardless of whether you believe you have any outstanding debt. Ignoring these calls will make them continue. It might even lead the debt collector to contact your friends and family, causing further inconvenience.

If you do have a debt, disregarding these calls can have more severe consequences, such as potential legal action being taken against you.

Avoid communicating with the debt collector may be perceived as defaulting on your obligations, which could escalate your debt due to accumulating interest and additional charges.

Instead of evading the situation, taking control and addressing the issue proactively is crucial. Contact a debt expert or a reputable financial advisor who can guide you on the best action.

They will help you understand your options and provide advice tailored to your situation. You can develop a plan to manage your debt effectively and prevent it from spiralling further by seeking professional assistance.

Remember, dealing with debts can be overwhelming, but taking the proper steps and seeking expert advice will empower you to regain control of your financial situation and work towards a viable resolution.

Common Feedback on Phone Calls from 01246488923

Many people hate the nuisance from 01246488923 calls and rate the number negatively. Additionally, many complaints have been lodged against the number.

Here is how people in the UK commonly react to calls from 01246488923:

“UKSL rang saying I owe money, and they wanted to be paid money to recover debts. I am not sure if they are really a legitimate debt collection agency.”

“I’ve had calls from UK Search Limited Debt recovery company for the past few months, constantly bothering me at all hours of the day. “

“UKSL are a harassing company stating I need to get into a debt management plan! I first need to get free debt advice from a debt charity before engaging further with them”.

“Constant calls from debt collection agencies at all times of the day, nothing less than harassment.”

“Scam phone call from UKSL Debt Collection demanding to be paid for unsecured debts.”

“They’ve been ringing all week!”

“UK Search Limited Debt are financial services that are rude when they call.”

Most people characterise 01246488923 as debt collection, nuisance calls or financial services.

List of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers in the UK

Below is an extensive list for your perusal. It is essential to keep these numbers nearby to avoid scams.

Why is 01246488923 calling?

UK Search Limited Debt is a debt collection company, and if they are calling you through 01246488923, it means they are chasing a debt you owe.

The collection company specialises in the collection of unsecured personal debt like:

If you owe any of these debts and UKSL calls you, they bought your debt and are now seeking to collect it.

UK Debt Solutions

You should always carefully analyse your credit report and current debtors, as they are instrumental in helping you understand the debt solution options you have at your disposal.

List of Other Debt Collector and Bailiff Phone Numbers

Below is a compilation of debt collector and bailiff phone numbers commonly encountered in the UK:

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