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Financial challenges can be incredibly taxing on businesses, causing immense stress and uncertainty.

Greenfield Recovery, a UK-based insolvency firm, is here to help businesses navigate these difficulties with their compassionate approach and unparalleled expertise in business recovery.

Their experienced team of licensed practitioners offers tailored debt restructuring solutions, pre-insolvency moratoriums, company administrations & dissolution/liquidation processes to help businesses regain financial stability.

With offices in Birmingham, Derby, Leicester & London clients can easily access their no-obligation assistance for business restructuring and insolvency.

Are you ready to discover how their team of insolvency practitioners can guide your business through challenging financial situations?

In this Greenfield Recovery review, we’ll provide valuable insights.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the comprehensive services Greenfield Recovery offers, including debt restructuring, insolvency management, and company dissolution.

Additionally, we’ll share the experiences of businesses that have successfully overcome financial challenges with their help and introduce their team of insolvency experts. So let’s dive into this Greenfield Recovery review!

You can also check to see how Greenfield Recovery shape up against the best UK insolvency companies. 

A Comprehensive Look at Greenfield Recovery

Greenfield Recovery. Ltd is a leading insolvency firm in the UK, specializing in assisting businesses facing financial difficulties with a compassionate approach.

They provide a wide range of services relating to business recovery, ensuring that their clients receive tailored advice and support to meet their individual needs.

We highly recommend Greenfield Recovery for businesses in need of expert guidance.

As licensed insolvency practitioners, the team at Greenfield Recovery is dedicated to providing professional advice and services related to business recovery and business rescue.

With their vast experience and commitment to helping businesses overcome financial challenges, they have become a trusted partner for many companies across the nation, earning them numerous recommendations.

Business Recovery and Rescue Services

Greenfield Recovery offers a variety of services designed to assist businesses in financial distress, including debt restructuring, insolvency management, and company dissolution.

These services aim to provide businesses with the necessary support and guidance to overcome their financial challenges and restore stability.

Let’s delve deeper into each of these services.

Debt Restructuring Solutions

Debt restructuring is a process that can significantly help businesses manage their outstanding liabilities and avoid a winding-up order.

Greenfield Recovery offers a range of debt restructuring solutions, including negotiating payment plans with creditors and HMRC.

By working closely with companies, they help create tailored payment plans that cater to the specific financial needs and circumstances of each business.

One of the key debt restructuring solutions Greenfield Recovery provides is the HMRC Time To Pay Arrangement, a tool that allows businesses to negotiate disputed VAT liabilities and create a fully agreed solution with HMRC.

This service is invaluable for businesses looking to regain control of their finances and ensure their long-term viability.

Insolvency Management

Insolvency management is a crucial aspect of business recovery, and Greenfield Recovery offers a variety of insolvency services to help businesses navigate these challenges.

One such service is the pre-insolvency moratorium, which provides legal protection for viable, pre-insolvency companies from creditor legal action for a period of 20 business days.

This protection allows businesses the time and space they need to restructure their finances without the added pressure of legal action.

Another powerful tool offered by Greenfield Recovery is company administration, which can be a transformative solution for viable companies facing financial difficulties. By entering into administration, businesses can restructure their debts, assets, and operations under the guidance of experienced insolvency practitioners like Anita Morris.

This process enables businesses to emerge stronger and better prepared to face future challenges.

For businesses that require an alternative to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), Greenfield Recovery can explore options such as a Business Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) or pre-pack/company administration.

These options can provide viable businesses with the turnaround support they need, ensuring they have the best chance of overcoming their financial difficulties.

Company Dissolution and Liquidation

In some cases, the best course of action for a business may be dissolution and liquidation.

Greenfield Recovery’s expert insolvency practitioners, such as Roger Hill, are well-equipped to provide advice and guide businesses through these processes, including handling a winding up petition and ensuring a smooth and efficient closure of unviable corporations.

There are several types of liquidation procedures available, such as Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) for insolvent companies, Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) for solvent businesses looking to retire, step away from a family business or discontinue operations, and compulsory liquidation, a legal process requiring a company to liquidate its assets in order to pay off debts and dissolve the business.

Greenfield Recovery’s expertise in navigating these processes ensures that businesses receive the support they need during these challenging times.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

The success of Greenfield Recovery’s services can be seen through the numerous positive testimonials and reviews they have received from satisfied clients.

These testimonials demonstrate how Greenfield Recovery’s support has helped businesses overcome financial challenges, ultimately leading to successful outcomes and recommendations.

One such testimonial comes from Bruno Pannetier, Chief Investment Officer of Old Park Capital in Tunbridge Wells, who praised Greenfield Recovery for their great service, proactive support, and free advice throughout the past few years.

This testimonial highlights the dedication and expertise of Greenfield Recovery’s team in helping businesses navigate their financial difficulties, and their efforts have been immensely appreciated.

These positive reviews and testimonials not only serve as a testament to Greenfield Recovery’s effectiveness in helping businesses overcome financial challenges, but also provide reassurance to potential clients that they can trust Greenfield Recovery to provide the extremely helpful support, guidance, and expertise they need during difficult times.

Expert Team at Greenfield Recovery

Greenfield Recovery’s expert team of insolvency practitioners is dedicated to helping businesses find the best solutions for their financial difficulties.

Their extensive experience and knowledge in insolvency ensure that clients receive the most effective solutions for their unique financial situations.

Among the experienced insolvency practitioners at Greenfield Recovery is Anita Morris, who specialises in schemes of arrangement, a flexible method of restructuring a company’s debt with one or more classes of creditors while the company continues to operate.

Another key team member is Roger Hill, who assists businesses with company dissolution and liquidation processes, ensuring a smooth closure of unviable corporations.

The dedication and expertise of Greenfield Recovery’s team have played a significant role in their clients’ successful outcomes, making them a reliable partner for businesses in need of financial restructuring and insolvency support.

How to Reach Greenfield Recovery

Greenfield Recovery is easily accessible to businesses across the UK, with offices located in Birmingham, Derby, and Leicester. To get in touch with their team of insolvency practitioners and discuss your business’s financial situation, you can contact them via telephone at 0121 201 1720 or email at [email protected].

Whether you’re looking for no-obligation business restructuring and insolvency assistance or need to arrange an appointment, Greenfield Recovery is ready and willing to help.

Their experienced insolvency practitioners, located in London, Birmingham, and other national offices, are committed to providing the support, guidance, and expertise your business needs to overcome financial challenges.


In conclusion, Greenfield Recovery stands out as a compassionate and knowledgeable insolvency firm dedicated to helping businesses navigate financial difficulties.

Their comprehensive services, including debt restructuring, insolvency management, and company dissolution, provide businesses with the support they need to overcome challenges and restore stability.

If your business is facing financial challenges, consider reaching out to the expert team at Greenfield Recovery.

With their proven track record of success and dedication to finding the best solutions for their clients, you can trust them to guide your business towards a brighter financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Greenfield Recovery specialize in?

Greenfield Recovery specializes in insolvency and business recovery services, such as debt restructuring, insolvency management, and company dissolution.

How does Greenfield Recovery’s debt restructuring process work?

Greenfield Recovery works with businesses to help them manage their debt by negotiating payment plans with creditors and HMRC, avoiding a winding up order in the process.

They provide a comprehensive service that includes advice on restructuring, cash flow management, and debt consolidation. They also offer a range of debt solutions, such as debt management plans, IVAs, and bankruptcy.

Their team of experienced professionals is made up of experienced professionals.

What insolvency management services does Greenfield Recovery offer?

Greenfield Recovery provides comprehensive insolvency management services, including pre-insolvency moratoriums, company administration, and schemes of arrangement.

How can I contact Greenfield Recovery for assistance with my business’s financial challenges?

Contact Greenfield Recovery for assistance with your business’s financial challenges by calling 0121 201 1720 or emailing [email protected].

What makes Greenfield Recovery stand out from other insolvency firms?

Greenfield Recovery stands out with its compassionate approach, extensive experience, and commitment to tailored solutions, making them an ideal choice for businesses facing financial difficulties.

Their approach is based on understanding the unique needs of each business and providing tailored solutions that are tailored to their specific situation.

They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping businesses find the best possible solution to their financial difficulties.

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