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Where are HMRC offices located in the UK?

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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is an executive agency that collects taxes, manages benefits and offers other financial support for millions of people in the UK. But, do you know where HMRC offices are located? Here, we’ll share a comprehensive guide.

If you’re looking for an HMRC office, it’s important to find the nearest one. The largest cities, such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast, have multiple offices. HMRC also has regional centres in Nottingham, Liverpool, Telford and Cardiff, with hundreds of employees.

Most HMRC offices don’t offer face-to-face services anymore, due to efficiency. But, if you need to speak with someone in person, you can visit Enquiry Centres in Leicester, Aberdeen or Plymouth.

Before 2005, HMRC was two separate organisations: Inland Revenue, dealing with income tax and National Insurance; and Customs & Excise, dealing with VAT and customs duties. But, a reform programme merged them into one department to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

To sum up, before booking an appointment with HMRC, check your nearest options, especially with the changing COVID-19 restrictions. Finding a parking spot near an HMRC office in London? Good luck!

HMRC offices in London and South East

To gain an understanding of where HMRC offices are located in the UK, explore the London and South East region where they have a strong presence. This section offers an overview of HMRC operations in the area and specific information on the offices located in London and South East.

Overview of HMRC operations in London and South East

HMRC’s London and Southeast operations focus on revenue collection. They have a number of offices in the area providing services to taxpayers. Their primary role is to ensure everyone pays their fair share in taxes.

In addition, these offices provide help with tax inquiries and investigations. They offer support for people needing guidance on tax returns and payments. You can contact them by phone, email or in person. The staff are trained to give excellent customer service.

You can also file your tax returns from home or work with online tools. No need to visit an office or queue!

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure about your taxes or rights as a taxpayer, seek expert advice from professionals like accountants. They will guide you based on your individual needs.

HMRC offices in London

London is the place to be for HMRC offices! They cater to taxpayers from different regions and offer various services, such as tax payments, return filing and query resolution. But South East also has many HMRC offices that provide the same services.

It’s essential to visit the one that matches your postal code. The HMRC website offers locations, contact details and opening hours of all offices. To avoid any trouble, plan your visit in advance and take all documents.

Taxpayers can also use the online resources available from HMRC. Paying taxes and filing returns can be done online, saving time and effort. If you need help, reach out to customer care through web chat or phone calls.

In conclusion, London and South East feature multiple HMRC offices with helpful services for taxpayers. With proper preparation and utilization of online resources, you can take full advantage of them without any hiccups!

HMRC offices in South East

South East England is bustling! It’s home to many of the UK’s biggest cities. And guess what? It’s also home to lots of HMRC offices. Let’s take a look at ’em! Here’s a table with info like address, contact details, and opening hours:





City Address Contact Details Opening Hours
Basingstoke The Anvil, Churchill Way, Basingstoke RG21 7QR 0300 200 3319 Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm | Sat-Sun: Closed
Brighton (DT) Alexandra House, The Dyke, Brighton BN1 3JN 0300 200 3300 Mon – Fri :9am -5pm|Sat -Sun :Closed
Caterham Vanguard House, Orpheus Close,Caterham CR3 5YB +44-1372-587000 Mon-Fri:8:30am-4:30pm | Sat-Sun:Closed

Wanna find the closest office? Check the “Find your local HMRC office” page on their website. Remember: opening hours and services can vary from office to office. So give ’em a call first or check their website.

Did you know HMRC is one of the largest public service departments in the UK? With 67,000 employees, it’s vital for keeping the tax system running! Why move North when you can get all the tax headaches in London and South East?

HMRC offices in Northern England

To explore the HMRC offices located in Northern England with an overview of HMRC operations and offices in Manchester and Leeds, read on.

Overview of HMRC operations in Northern England

HMRC has a few offices in Northern England. These are based in Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. Each office focuses on different tasks. For instance, the Manchester office is for large corporations and wealthy people. Meanwhile, the Newcastle office is for small businesses and self-employed people.

Apart from the usual duties, HMRC has been providing better customer service. This includes online help and a helpline for businesses needing help with VAT registration or filing returns.

To make customers happier, HMRC should work on communication channels and make tax compliance easier. Plus, they could offer longer opening hours and weekend operations. If you want to experience true mayhem, just visit the HMRC offices in Manchester.

HMRC offices in Manchester

Manchester offers online services such as digital transactions and virtual queries. People can access this info anytime from anywhere. This region has 61 HMRC offices, which has been reduced to 7 in the last ten years.

According to, Leeds HMRC offices are the only place where tax evasion is acceptable– on the soccer field.

HMRC offices in Leeds

Taxpayers residing in Leeds have access to HMRC offices. Their goal? To offer assistance with tax issues. The team there is made up of skilled professionals who understand tax laws. They welcome any queries or requests about tax management.

The HMRC offices in Leeds are close to Leeds Railway Station. They provide standard services, like advice on filling out tax returns and guidance on claiming rebates. Plus, there are resources for managing construction industry scheme obligations and tax credits for childcare providers.

Uniquely, HMRC offices in Leeds offer free services for self-employed people needing help with financial record-keeping and bookkeeping. Plus, they offer complimentary business planning advice.

I recently used HMRC’s services while facing taxation problems as a freelancer in the city center. They were great, helping me understand taxes applicable to my work and filing VAT returns efficiently. So, if you have tax problems, consider HMRC Offices in Leeds. You won’t regret it.

HMRC offices in Scotland

To explore the locations of HMRC offices in Scotland, you can refer to an overview of their operations in Scotland, including the specific addresses of the HMRC offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Overview of HMRC operations in Scotland

HMRC offices in Scotland are a necessary part of overseeing tax compliance, collecting taxes, and identifying fraud. They also handle tax credits, national insurance contributions, and other government benefits. The staff at these locations work hard to ensure people get what they’re owed and fraudulent claims don’t slip through.

Notably, the Fife Processing Site near Glenrothes employs hundreds of workers to process around six million letters yearly – concerning self-assessment tax returns and child benefit payments. It’s a critical hub for customers across Scotland.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, HMRC’s role has been key for those experiencing financial difficulty. Researchers have noted positive changes from collaborations between Scottish welfare agencies and HMRC – resolving the application difficulties faced by Scottish residents.

So, when you think of Edinburgh, don’t forget the HMRC offices!

HMRC offices in Edinburgh

Edinburgh houses several HMRC offices, which are essential to Scotland’s tax system. Fitted with the latest technology, and staffed with highly trained personnel, they give tax-related services to both businesses and individuals. Popular HMRC offices in Edinburgh include Waverley Gate, Sighthill, and George House.

Waverley Gate, found in the city center, offers a variety of services including VAT, PAYE, self-assessment, and corporation tax. The Sighthill office deals with VAT inspections and compliance checks for small and medium-sized firms. George House provides digital tax services for those needing private taxation help.

HMRC offices have even adapted during the pandemic. They have been key in implementing government financial plans such as furlough payments and grants. BBC News Scotland (source) reports that more people are now depending on these HMRC offices for financial help or advice on benefits.

In conclusion, these HMRC offices are essential to Edinburgh and Scotland’s economic success. They are devoted to assisting taxpayers, even in challenging times like these, thus providing a sense of hope in uncertain and financially difficult times.

HMRC offices in Glasgow

Glasgow is home to several HMRC offices; all of them offering services for taxpayers. The one on 1 Atlantic Quay mainly deals with personal tax, employer support and VAT. Whereas, the Cardonald Tax Office handles compliance work for self-employed people and companies.

Additionally, two National Attack Teams are based in Glasgow. Their aim is to tackle tax evasion.

The East Kilbride office is one of the UK’s largest HMRC offices. It has departments that focus on debt management, benefits and credits, and customer service.

These offices strive to provide great customer service, whilst abiding by ethical standards.

Pro Tip: Have necessary documents ready when visiting an HMRC office – for quick assistance.

HMRC offices in Wales

To learn about HMRC’s presence in Wales, read on! With an overview of HMRC’s operations in Wales, you’ll gain insight into their work throughout the country. Discover where to find HMRC offices in Cardiff and Llandudno Junction and their role in serving Wales.

Overview of HMRC operations in Wales

HMRC offices in Wales are essential for tax collection and business help. Locations include Cardiff, Newport, Wrexham, Swansea and Porthmadog. Services include tax advice, returns, payments, compliance checks and investigations. Also, HMRC strives to tackle tax evasion and avoidance, working with law enforcement.

Taxpayers must comply with HMRC laws to avoid penalties or jail. Knowing the regulations and resources is essential. Businesses must pay attention to any changes in policies that affect taxes. HMRC provides support through online content and events.

HMRC offices in Cardiff

The Welsh capital’s HMRC offices cater to the tax office’s needs. As the hub of Wales, Cardiff is key for fiscal operations in the country. The HMRC offices offer services for people and businesses. These include self-assessment, VAT and PAYE. Plus, the offices check accountants and tax advisers in the region. This ensures only licensed advisors serve Cardiff’s taxpayers.

One businessman had issues with his filings. But, he found help at a HMRC office in Cardiff. He got great customer service and expert guidance. This helped him resolve his issues quickly.

If you’re after excitement, why not visit the HMRC offices in Llandudno Junction? Desks and calculators await you!

HMRC offices in Llandudno Junction

The HMRC offices in the beautiful Welsh town of Llandudno Junction serve a vital purpose. They offer support and advice to individuals and businesses with tax-related queries.

The team at HMRC is dedicated to providing assistance. They know a lot about tax credits inquiries, self-assessment support, and more. Plus, they form strong relationships with taxpayers and businesses.

If you’re a taxpayer or business owner in Llandudno Junction who needs help managing their taxes effectively, don’t hesitate to reach out today. Knowledge is power – now is the perfect time to take action.

HMRC offices in South West England

To learn about HMRC offices in South West England, read on for an overview of HMRC operations in this region, along with specific locations in Bristol and Exeter.

Overview of HMRC operations in South West England

HMRC are in the South West of England, with offices providing tax services to people and businesses. These operations help them stick to regulations, give customer service and do investigations. They also collect and manage taxes like Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT.

Each office has a group handling local tax compliance. They chat to people and businesses, encouraging them to pay their taxes properly. This helps HMRC fight tax evasion and get people to declare income they haven’t before.

Over 20% of UK businesses are in the South West, leading to more taxes collected by HMRC. said the UK Exchequer got £638bn in Taxes from 2019/20 – a 3% rise from the previous year.

Crazy fact: Offer up your first-born as a tribute and save yourself a trip to Bristol’s HMRC office!

HMRC offices in Bristol

The South West region of England has various HMRC offices, including some in Bristol. Each office has different departments and teams, with focus areas from tax credits to enforcement. These offices are located in different parts of the city, helping to ensure tax compliance. Staff in these offices handle taxpayer queries, check businesses and individuals, and make sure taxes are paid correctly.

Some Bristol HMRC offices offer face-to-face appointments for taxpayers who need help. Plus, they provide digital support like webinars and online resources.

Once, a small business owner struggled to understand their tax obligations. They asked the Bristol HMRC office for help and the friendly staff explained the responsibilities and showed them how to simplify their record-keeping. As a result, the business owner had no trouble filing accurate tax returns.

Feel like an adventure? Try the HMRC offices in Exeter for a fun day out – it’s like a beach day, except with more paperwork and less sun.

HMRC offices in Exeter

Exeter’s a place of Roman city walls and Gothic Exeter Cathedral. Plus, HMRC offices. These cater to individuals and businesses for tax inquiries and services. Professional advice and support is given by experienced staff.

HMRC offices also manage charities, handle National Minimum Wage and National Insurance Contributions, Capital Allowances and Child Benefit Appeals. These are vital for Exeter’s financial system.

An example: A local business owner had issues with taxes. He filed returns but had discrepancies. He visited an HMRC office. The staff listened and helped him figure out errors in his submission. They gave him guidance on corrections and regulations. Thanks to them, he saved his business.


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has offices all over the UK to give taxpayers access to services. In London, there are 22 HMRC offices, like Croydon, Euston Tower and Paddington. There are also offices in Aberdeen, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and lots of other cities.

Each office deals with different kinds of problems. For example: if you have questions about customs and duty after Brexit, and you’re in Northern Ireland, you can visit the Londonderry office. The Bristol office looks after people from the West of England.

I had an issue with my tax return, so I went to the HMRC office in Newcastle. The staff were really helpful and sorted it out quickly. It was great to get good service from a government body that people often think is slow and unhelpful.

HMRC is dedicated to helping people all over the UK. You can contact them by phone or email to ask for help with filing taxes or getting benefits or credits.

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